24 March 2008

Beat of a different dumber

Following the recent example of evil genius bossman OBL... Ayman the Pieman continues to work that madman mojo...

"Israel and additional Western targets must be attacked as revenge for Israel's aggressive policy in the Gaza Strip."
I'm not sure what sort of cultural disconnect allows this guy to overlook thousands of randomly launched HAMAS rockets... but ol' Ayman, once again, trips the light craptastic.

And, of course... he actually has a bigger beef than just those evil 'Joos'.

It's... SURPRISE... those darn cartoons... again.
Like bin Laden, the al-Qaeda second in command issued a threat against those countries in which cartoons of Muhammad were published, saying that "They cannot insult our prophet and support Israel and then expect to live in peace in the countries."
Anybody remember that old episode of the original "Lost in Space" where the cheesy robot is reprogrammed by aliens and runs around yelling, "CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY!!!?"

Hey, Ayman... be careful what you wish for.



Anonymous said...

Well here goes with the standard blathering boilerplate of the forever outraged muslim weird beard #149 gotta give em a number I can't keep em straight otherwise. Strange that what they do on a daily basis shoulden't offend or outrage anyone. One day they will go one atrocity too many and at that point any one standing within a square mile of the proud owner of the latest outrage should feel the weight of the latest in modern missile delivery systems. Heaven gonna run out of virgins, I think helping them to their reward is the least we can do.

Rose said...

I think we've been to tolerant of Political and Radical Islamist, it's time we played hardball and sought out radicals in the Muslim Community and deport them or incarcerate them. Imams preaching hatred of our culture whilst calling Jews Jew dogs and us filthy infidels needs to stop. This is another attempt to silence those that speak out against Radical and Political Islam, Islam is on a global rampage killing, and committing genocide and they want us to stop discussing this.


Neo Conservative said...

well, let's see what they've got.

i can't believe they'd be stupid enough to poke a stick through the bars while bush is still president... if osama & ayman play it safe and wait for a possible democratic presidency... they could basically dictate their terms.