30 March 2008

Another Day at Hypocrisy Central

"Their empty cubicle farm located at street level is always lit up at any hour of the night when I walk by on the sidewalk."

"Sadly, Earth Hour was no exception."

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"There is no innocent until proven guilty. You are guilty once they decide you are and they will prove it no matter what."

LAST WORD: Changing the channel
“Earth Hour wasn’t ever going to be about the electricity results.”
That's very true.

It was kinda... as per usual... more about talkin' out yer pinko ass.



JA Goneaux said...

Well, I did what I planned to do: absolutely nothing. But then, I didn't have much choice, as I was at the Marlie's game, where they announced the big "turn off" there was...shutting off the lights in the luxery boxes. Wow.

Of course, this is the note I got from Premier McSlippery last week:

"The Ontario government will be taking part in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29, 2008, turning off non-emergency lights in most government buildings from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m."

Did you get that, folks? They were going to turn government lights off, on a Saturday, between 8 and 9. Because you know just how many of those lights would be, you know, actually needed...ON A SATURDAY NIGHT AT 8 PM.


Sorry. But the hypocrisy doesn't go down well all the time.

This exercise was nothing more than a way for those yuppies with an SUV in the drive to feel like they are doing something. I'll pass...

Neo Conservative said...

i just can't wait for the big "sleeping under a bridge" party... you know... the one that will solve world homelessness.