28 March 2008

Gives a whole new meaning...

To the TTC buzz-phrase... "Red Rocket."

News reports are beginning to come in about a firefight at Toronto's Spadina subway station...

"Heavy gunfire erupted on a subway train just after 8pm on Friday. Early reports suggest two groups may have been involved in a shootout and one woman was apparently hit by a bullet in the leg."

"One of the shooters has been described as a black male in his late teens or early 20s. He's 5'8, with a medium build, wearing a black baseball cap with a jean jacket and jeans."

UPDATE: Women deliberately targeted
CTV reported that the incident was believed to have started in the north end of the city and that the victim and a second female had been arguing with a male suspect and another male for most of the trip before the gunman open fired on the train full of riders making their way downtown.
Now, it's the Globe & Mail that claims CTV is reporting this event... but as of 11:30 pm it wasn't on the CTV news with Lisa LaPhlegm, or on their website.

CTV... where, apparently, there's no such thing as a bad boy.


LAST WORD: "Hey, beee-yotch... 'dispute' this!!!"
"There was a dispute between a man and a woman. She slapped him in the face and he took out a gun and shot her in the crotch," a plainclothes police investigator said at the scene.

Police were looking for a black male with a black jacket and a red patch on the front who ran from the northeast subway exit.
Oh yeah... the Toronto 'Red' Star had a slightly less complete description of the suspects...
"Police combed the area to try to find three male suspects, all between 18 and 20 years old and wearing dark-coloured clothing. One man had a beard and an athletic build, and another had braided hair."


Anonymous said...

No doubt this was a registered firearm and Miller's gun ban would have prevented it, right?

RightGirl said...

You mean it wasn't some Irish kid? Gosh, I thought if he was BLAK the Star would have mentioned it...


Neo Conservative said...

hunters, farmers and target shooters... totally off the hook yet again.

does this mean we get our 2 billion dollars back?