05 October 2007

NP endorses Tory

While pointing out the innate hypocisy of "Bubble Boy" McGuinty...

We should also note that, for all the furor surrounding Mr. Tory's allegedly radical plan, the over-the-top response from Mr. McGuinty's camp should be seen as more off-putting than the proposal itself.

Beginning last month, the Premier, posturing earnestly as a champion of diversity, has suggested that Mr. Tory's plan would somehow lead to the sociological balkanization of the province -- all the while hypocritically ignoring the fact that he himself attended a publicly funded Catholic school as a child.
They sum it up thusly...
He is an accomplished businessman with a strong track record of corporate success and community engagement. And as Mr. Tory demonstrated to us in a recent editorial-board meeting, he is also a charismatic, engaging politician who projects a sense of honesty and integrity.
I guess we'll have to see if the sheeple are sick of all the Liberal lies.

I know I am.


LAST WORD: Liar, liar
Quite apart from the Liberals' high-profile broken promises like the one not to hike taxes and to close coal-fired plants by this year, who remembers the lesser ones?

McGuinty promised to roll back tolls on the 407?

Roll 'em back? He might as well have been King Canute. They've gone up!

Not add to the provincial debt?

In the 2002-03 fiscal year, the total debt was $138.4 billion. The 2007-08 plan is for a $162.9 billion debt. Even the net debt has increased.

He promised to maintain the cap on hydro rates at 4.3c a kilowatt-hour?

The second piece of legislation the Liberals introduced hiked electricity rates.

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GDW said...

Good editorial. Something else that's probably worth considering is that with the dollar at par, we've got to think of rejigging the tax structure so that it encourages investment in technology and equipment and retraining. That low dollar probably covered up a difference in productivity that's going to cost some jobs that aren't going to come back. John Tory would have been better here, too: he strikes me as being a guy who can think long term. McGuinty...? Gonna have to show me, buddy.

Neo Conservative said...

tory also ran a huge canadian comglomerate... he's hardwired into the business community.

just no contest here.


Anonymous said...

Whoa...a conservative newspaper endorsing a conservative? Stop the presses! This is news!

Sort of like the Red Star endorsing McGuinty.

Pretty lame...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon spits out... Pretty lame"

you mean like offering an uninformed comment without supplying any rationale to support it?

yeah... don'tcha just hate that?