30 October 2007

Sitting, waiting... for the next big thing

Talk to the people at the CDC... it's not a matter of if... it's a question of when...

The strain of HIV that touched off the U.S. AIDS epidemic and fuelled the global scourge of the disease came to the continent from Africa via Haiti, according to a study released yesterday.

A team of researchers conducted genetic analyses of archived blood samples from early AIDS patients who migrated from Haiti to the U.S.

Their calculations suggested there was a greater than 99% probability that the virus went from Africa to Haiti to the U.S.
Ebola, drug resistant tuberculosis. bird flu... take your pick. It's nature's way of thinning the herd.

And we're totally oblivious.

Coming to a neighbourhood near you.


Holliegh said...

Yes a thinning of the herds is the correct way of looking at it. We Humans are no different than any other animal on earth, we can overpopulate too. Now nature is getting ready "2 thin our herds". It will be like nothing we have ever seen. I believe the pandemic(Bird Flu) is going 2 be the culprit. It has recently mutated so 2 infect mamals easier. Humans are mammals.