29 October 2007

Everybody grab on and hold tight

Premier McSlippery is promising "relentless progress" on his "vague agenda" -- at some "unspecified time" in the future.

-- TORONTO -- Premier Dalton McGuinty says he will summon the Ontario legislature before Christmas.

He gave no details about when the house would meet or when a Speech from the Throne would be presented.

“I reminded them that the message we got from voters was not that we were to defend the status quo but rather that we were to make relentless progress on their behalf,” he said.
Hey Dalton... don't strain yourself.


UPDATE: Real estate prices in Caledonia...

Just bottomed out.
Government sources also say former attorney-general Michael Bryant will become the new minister of aboriginal affairs.

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Anonymous said...

The unions that own Dolton McGuinty are the only ones who will see 'progress' on their behalf.

The usual will happen - unionized public servants like teachers will get wealthier while at the same time their ranks will shrink because taxpayers can only be bled so much, and the union members already rolling in it will want to stop new hiring in order to keep the money for themselves.

Anonymous said...

First item on the agenda - a pay raise for MP's.
Second item on the agenda - raise some taxes (perhaps the PST)
Third item on the agenda - ignore the rest of the agenda for 4 years - and find a way to blame it on Mike Harris.

dmorris said...

Why doesn't McGuinty just cut to the chase, and appoint one of the Natives to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs portfolio.

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... appoint one of the Natives"

geez, not so loud... he might hear you. i can just see mcslippery negotiating with shawn brant...