31 October 2007

If they can steal a private business...

I guess no one's really gonna worry... about natives flogging contraband cigarettes.

-- Deseronto -- Just outside a gravel quarry here that has become something of a symbol for native land claim unrest sits a spray-painted plywood sign offering bagged cigarettes for sale - cheap.

For about the past month, buyers have been able to approach the entrance to the Thurlow Aggregates quarry on Deseronto Road in Tyendinaga Township - which has been occupied by native protesters since March - and walk away with a bag of native-produced smokes for $10.
Now you might think the law of the land should be brought to bear here... but apparently there is a law-enforcement Bermuda Triangle... which lets aboriginals do whatever they want, in proximity to Mohawk Territory.
While the selling of the contraband cigarettes at a site outside a native reserve doesn't sit well with either health officials or police, neither appear eager to tackle the politically-charged problem.

According to Carol Snell, spokeswoman for the Hastings-Prince Edward Counties Health Unit, the agency's tobacco enforcement team is leaving the issue up to law enforcement agencies to handle - for now.

"We're not dealing with it," she said. "It's a federal issue and up to the RCMP to deal with it at this point."

According to RCMP Cpl. Nancy Mason, the federal policing agency is focusing enforcement on picking off shipments of contraband smokes being transported on Highway 401 between Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and the U.S. side of the Akwesasne reserve near Cornwall, Ont.
Well... at least they're not poisoning MY children.
"Cheap native-made cigarettes can contain dirt, metal filings and other unsavoury ingredients mixed in with the chemical stew of 4,200 chemicals found in all smokes, according to an analysis done by the federal Ministry of Revenue."
Way to strike a blow for freedom, guys!

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marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

This is all the media's fault,

As soon as an arrest was made the headlines would be screaming racism for something no matter how imagined.

Neo Conservative said...

everything else aside... they're poisoning their own children.

i'm speechless.


Anonymous said...

Aboriginals that actually want to grow up and have a future for themselves and their children must be a little peeved at their 'brothers' for stealing stuff, breaking contracts, poisoning the kids, violence etc.

Adults should realize that there won't be a future in the grievance industry forever.

But if this is really what aboriginals want, then that's fine - anyone who claims enough DNA to be aboriginal according to our race laws should not be allowed to hold title to any property, because if they sell it, their progeny resort to violence to get it back.

'Indian giver' doesn't appear to be an inaccurate term.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... should not be allowed to hold title to any property, because if they sell it, their progeny resort to violence to get it back. "

i'm guessing the chiefs and clan moms would agree with you.