29 October 2007

Dear China... bite me

If you were hoping to paralyse the Canadian government with your latest round of threats... you're just a couple of years and "one stand-up guy" too late.

-- BEIJING -- The Chinese government has warned that Canada could damage its relations with China if Prime Minister Stephen Harper goes ahead with his plan to meet the Dalai Lama Monday.

Mr. Harper will join a growing group of Western leaders who have deliberately chosen to greet the Tibetan spiritual leader in official venues, ignoring the objections of the Chinese government.

Monday's meeting will be the first time a Canadian prime minister has held formal talks at a government office with the exiled spiritual leader.
No dithering here.

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Anonymous said...

China might retaliate by not sending us tainted food or lead-laced toys for the kids!

Liberal Party members get all upset at the Conservative government when it does the right thing - why though would Liberals get that upset? Because China pays them to?