25 October 2007

Six Hard Questions

Oh, oh, I've got one... "How many starving Haitians could you rescue... if Al Gore cut his electricity consumption in half... and gave you all that moola?"

Only after you've addressed each question in turn can you say something sensible about climate policy. To carry out that program in detail would indeed be a Nobel-worthy achievement.

I don't propose to earn my Nobel Prize in this column space, but I can at least offer a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation to show you how this stuff works.
Hey... just practising my eco-judo.


Anonymous said...

I think you can win a Nobel or an Order of Canada by sending in 12 Cracker Jack box tops...and proof of purchase.

Anonymous said...

Would un-starving Haitians vote for Al Gore or give him money? no? In that case, Al Gore would surely never say 'screw them'....

...even though he would think it if he ever gave a thought to other people.

GDW said...

To hell with the Nobel, and I don't even care what the Order of Canada is... how many box tops do I need for a seat in the Senate?