31 October 2007

"Flee... flee... run away!"

Steffi and company are, with the passing of each and every day, starting to to look less like a legitimate political entity... than an old Monty Python skit.

-- OTTAWA -- The decision of the Opposition Liberals to abstain from Wednesday's vote on the government's multi-billion dollar tax relief package drew taunts and rebuke from all sides of the House of Commons.

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said his party will sit out on the confidence vote at 3:15 p.m., as they did earlier for the Throne Speech vote.
I give you, "The Knights that say flee!"


UPDATE: The breathtaking genius of Stephane Dion
Leader Stephane Dion says a Liberal government would consider rescinding Tory government cuts to the goods-and-services tax.
I swear... this guy is just a gift from heaven.

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Anonymous said...

The budget surplus is in the billions and Steffi would raise taxes - how is it that any sane person would support the Liberals?

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Actually anon, Dion's suggested he might re-raise the GST, not raise "taxes". A repeal of the GST-cuts would be offset by much steeper cuts to income taxes (and can I also say how impressed I am that the Tories are getting credit for reducing income taxes to 15% TWO YEARS after the Liberals promised to do it... THAT's impressive! Raise a tax and then lower it, and get little hit for raising it, and a lot of credit for lowering it back down. Is it mass hypnosis or something???). Anyway, a rise in the GST to help offset large income tax breaks is actually the smart thing to do for the country and our economy, but it's clearly bad electoral strategy.

It's like the kids on the CBS show "Kid Nation". They're offered a reward of dune buggies or vegetables, and dammit, they want the dune buggies. The kids advocating for the vegetables are right, but they're not necessarily popular.

Scurvy's a bitch though.

Neo Conservative said...

"LKO said... Is it mass hypnosis or something???"

hmmmm... i seem to remember some promise to abolish the gst entirely... where was that?

oh yeah... some little red book, wasn't it?

hey, maybe i was just hypnotised, huh?

is dion gonna promise not to piss away 2 billion more taxpayer dollars to liberal corporate friends for a rebirth of the "farmer bob rifle registry?"

will he promise not to take cash under the table from liberal friendly companies that get government contracts?

the thing is, my sanctimonious friend, it's not what you say... it's what you do.

gullibility's a bitch though.


Cranky or Just A Crank said...

Kitchener, you're an idiot.

You are complaining that taxes are being cut by saying that it is reinstating a Liberal tax cut. There was no tax cut. It was just a soon-to-be forgotten promise made by the Liberals on the campaign trail. Like the abolish of the GST, tearing up of the FTA, etc., etc. How did those things work out?

If I follow your "logic" then saying that you will do something if re-elected, even though in the past you have failed to follow through on most of the fiscal promises from past elections, is tantamout to having tax cuts?

All tax cuts are nice and frankly you are going to get more bang for the buck cutting a tax that the average Joe sees everytime he reaches into his pocket to buy something than income tax cuts that are much less obvious.

I would have preferred the tax cuts in another package but frankly it's not that bad.

"The perfect is the enemy of the possible" is a truism for a reason.

Please, for your own sake, shake your head, cut out the cogintive dissonance, recognize that Steff is a joke.

He has no platform other than to say that he doesn't like what the Conservatives are doing. Yet he won't vote against them and, as with the proposed NDP amendment to the Throne Speech, will vote wit hthe government in order to keep it in place.

By the way WTF does "re-raise" mean? He is either going to "re"instate or "re"store the 6 or 7% tax or put it higher.

Unknown said...

My Lord,

The Liberals said they would do it....but they didn't get it done...again. The Liberals say alot of things but accomplish very little.

But you knew that....

Eric said...


Maybe he would, but what the public mostly hears is just that Dion would raise the GST. Expect Harper to use this line and run with it with great success. Cutting the GST is popular, but don't take it from me.. ask Sheila Copps, who has a good article about the 'unpopularity' of the GST cut.

Dion has promised more funding and tax cuts out the wazoo. He can't afford all that AND cuts to income taxes. How much will those 'deep' corporate tax cuts cost? How about implementing all the environmental policies that he wants? More money for social programs? Child care? Re-implementing Kelowna ($5 billion)?

The list goes on and on. One way or another Dion will have to raise these taxes (even beyond reversing the GST cut) in order to pay for his wish list.. or he'll have to cut other programs like military spending, etc.. all of which will go over like a sack of potatoes.


Cut out the ad hominem attacks.