30 October 2007

China loudly threatens...

To keep billions of cheap plastic, lead contaminated toys and foodstuffs all to itself... paralyzes Canadian government... yeah, right.

-- OTTAWA -- The Chinese government blasted formal meetings yesterday between the Dalai Lama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General Michaëlle Jean, warning they will "gravely undermine" the relationship between Canada and China.

China's political counsellor Sun Lushan stopped short of saying what retaliatory steps China might take, noting trade is beneficial to both countries and interruption of it is "the last thing both sides want to see."
The Harper government was quick to reply...
"We value our relationship with China but the Prime Minister has made no secret that we are not going to put aside human rights for `the almighty dollar' – you can pull out that quote," a senior Conservative source said.
It's time to send this "plague ship" packing.

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dmorris said...

You have to give Harper credit for standing up to China on the Dalai Lama, unlike the former PM, Paul Martin.

Of course Martin may have been worried about offending his business partner.

David Wozney said...

Re: “... Governor General Michaëlle Jean, ...

The Governor General of Canada is a “corporation sole”, according to Elizabeth II in this document. A “corporation sole” is defined and recognized as being a corporation.

“A corporation is a fiction, by definition, ...”, according to Patrick Healy in a statement found in evidence provided to Parliament's Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in 2002.

“A corporation is a ‘fiction’ as it has no separate existence, no physical body and no ‘mind’”, according to Joanne Klineberg in a presentation to the Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar in 2004.

Is your faith such that you believe a corporation is real? Who would be a defender of faith like that?