31 October 2007

The other four people...

Shouted obscenities... slammed the phone down... and went back to eating dinner.

-- TORONTO -- More than six in 10 Canadians say they will try to stop unwanted calls from telemarketers by signing up for Canada's pending do-not-call registry, a new poll shows.

The telephone survey was conducted in August by a group of independent research agencies, including Bristol Omnifacts, Corporate Research Associates and Blue Ocean Contact Centers, Research House, Consumer Contact and Justason Market Intelligence.

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"Telemarketers tell you that they are just doing their job," Tom says. "But drug dealers and hit men for the mob also tell you they’re just doing their job."

"At least they’re less intrusive."

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WL Mackenzie Redux said...

I Have a computer application which routes my home phone calls with caller ID to a database of numbers from which I accept calls.

If you ain't on my computer list of personal and business contacts I want to talk to...you get screened ( and that includes any calls IDed as "unknown" or "private number" or any pseudonym spammers use) they get a single ring and a nasty recorded message reminding them that misrepresentaion of themselves and unwanted solicitation constitutes actionable liability)

I also have included commercial institutions I subscribe to on the screening list such as cable, phone, and federal or provincial government...these people have to realise that proper business etiquette dictates any contact with me be by mail so there is a record of the correspondence in case of future liability issues.

All in all there is a large phone based industry out there who do not think a personal home phone is protected by the privacy act and the charter from unwanted intrusions.

I take my privacy very seriously and the security and privacy of my home is paramount to me...as it should be with anyone who values a free civil society.

That said, I'll be willing to bet that the government will exclude itself from the "no call list" enforcements...because of all these bottom-feeding spammers the government is less civil and as marginally criminal as the spammers they allow to harass the public.

Neo Conservative said...

"WL Mackenzie Redux said... I Have a computer application"

this sounds like a dandy, if somewhat involved, solution to the problem.

details if you will, please.

available to the public?


Anonymous said...

If the technology is available why do we have to depend on a Nanny state service?
Our Northern Ontario community has thousands employed in telemarketing. We need an entrepreneur to set up a manufacturing industry to make this gadget that WLMR is using, to take the place of the 'supper time intruders'

Anonymous said...

phone rings, its a telemarketer

Me: Oh hang a minute I just need to get a pen"

Put phone down in front of TV, radio, purring cats, whatever.

wait two minutes, then call out "I'll be right there"

Wait five minutes, then call out "I've got one, be right there"

wait five more minutes then pick up phone

"so asshole, do you enjoy having your time wasted"

Slam phone down.

Smile for screwing them over and wasting their time. Open a beer & enjoy.

There is a parallel for junk mail. Always save any postage free envelopes. Every so often, stuff them full of crap that arrives in the mailbox and send the garbage to whomever.

Enjoy another beer.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Damm that Fenris,

WL Mackenzie Redux

I'd like to hear what software you use too.

I love letting my 6 year old answer it and talk to them. Sometimes they hang up. Tell them about our cat, and I listen on the other line.

Neo Conservative said...

"marginalizedactiondinosaur said... I love letting my 6 year old answer it"

mrs neo told me a story about our then 2 year-old son, picking up the phone while she was, uh... indisposed.

"my daddy's sleeping and my mummy's pooing..."

she didn't dare answer the phone for weeks.


wallyj said...

Just for the fun of it,and I did have time on my hands,I bS'ed the salesman into thinking I was interested in ordering a hundred copies of the pope's visit,but I definetely wanted a price break. I got his boss on the line,played with him for a while,and then let the boss know my feelings about telemarketers. Great rainy day fun.

Bernie said...

Tired of getting calls from unknown, private or blocked numbers? Then Anonymous Call Blocking is the feature for you! Included at no-cost with Shaw's home phone service, this feature blocks any incoming calls that have privacy features activated.

When enabled, you will not hear the phone ring when someone with a blocked number calls you. The caller will hear a recorded message informing them that you do not accept calls from blocked numbers. The caller will have to unblock their number in order to successfully call you.

To activate this feature, pick up your phone and dial *77. A recording will confirm that you have enabled Anonymous Call Blocking. If you change your mind, you can dial *87 at any time to deactivate this feature.

This feature is ideal for those not wishing to speak with telemarketers or survey companies. If you wish to block specific telephone numbers, then you can enable Selective Call Blocking, another no-cost feature included with Shaw's home phone service.