30 October 2007

He'll sit and talk with the Taliban...

But even wild horses won't drag Jack Layton anywhere near Ellie May.

-- OTTAWA -- If Elizabeth May gets her way, it could be a long night for Jack Layton.

The Green party leader won a charity auction for a dinner with her NDP counterpart and his wife, NDP MP Olivia Chow, and she plans to invite Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and his wife, Janine Kreiber, as her guests.

Ms. May has often complained that Mr. Layton has refused to meet with her.
Sure enough, the Pinko Platoon has already started trying to weasel out of the "proggie picnic."
Polls and election results suggest the Greens pose an electoral danger to the NDP, and Mr. Layton seems unwilling to do anything to lend legitimacy to Ms. May or her party.

At the end of the auction, Mr. Layton did not even acknowledge that Ms. May was the winner.

A spokesman for Mr. Layton, Karl Belanger, did not sound keen on the May-Dion-Layton dinner. "We didn’t talk about who this person might be," he said. "She won the auction, so we’ll see, but co-ordinating the schedule of three leaders . . . two leaders is already tricky."
Looks like Ellie May's got some moves after all.

Hey Jack, you could always take a trip to Kabul instead.

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hunter said...

Oh, is this the start of a lefty merger? Greens/NDP/Liberals called the New Decreasing Pollution Liberation Front? May is obviously working towards the goal to unite the left!!! Great idea, scare all the voters to the right, works for me.

Anonymous said...

"The dinner date came about through a charity auction Saturday night in which May bid $1,000 for a meal with Layton and wife Olivia Chow, an NDP MP."

Wasn't Elizabeth May complaining a few months ago how hard it was to get by on "only" $50,000.00 per year?

Anonymous said...

The golden opportunity the OPG missed on this one was to make the obvious comparision with a the teaser headline.

"Is May getting ready to pull a Belinda on Dion?"

Neo Conservative said...

i think it's probably just a wardrobe thing... i mean, what if they all show up, wearing the same che t-shirt.