28 October 2007

Why isn't this guy on Oprah?

Instead of all her sanctimonious, scientology sucking, multi-millionaire movie star friends?

-- SINGAPORE -- The charity runs a World Toilet College in Singapore. Students from different fields, such as architects or development workers, can chose among courses ranging from toilet design to ecological sanitation.

He says 160 million people have intestinal worms because of poor hygiene, and one-point-six million children die of diarrhea each year - often because of poor sanitation facilities, such as pit latrines.
Surprisingly... ego is even involved in promoting the spread and use of the "porcelain pony."
Sim says one of the organization's most important tasks is to train people in slums and rural areas to build toilets themselves. He says he promotes the use of toilets by making them into a status symbol.

"If you are defecating on the roadside you are not very respectable, but if you have a toilet then it's like you have a television or you have a hand phone. So this is a very, very important way of promoting it to them, because the poor are status-seeking people," he says.

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"Mothering advice from a childless egomaniac, diet advice from a fat chick, and cultural indoctrination --all from the self appointed High Priestess of Hedonism."

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dmorris said...

Oprah is one of the wealthiest women in America, and I'm sure she feels much more comfortable around her fellow "stars" than some guy who uses the word "toilet".
Most of the people who do the good works don't get any recognition, maybe because really helping requires more than "star power", it requires physical effort, and sacrifice.

But, as you said, why isn't he....

GDW said...

So that explains it: all those toilet seats you see lying around the lots in front of rooming houses in the Sherbourne/Parliament area are in fact poor people's status symbols. I'd have bought a TV myself.

seejanemom said...

I love you as much as I DESPISE OPRAH. Go. See. Revel.


Thanks for the generous spot on your blogroll. I rolled your nutty self too!

Be well,and knw when you are fed up with the Great White North, you are always welcome way down South in Dixie!

xoxoxox Janie

Neo Conservative said...

"seejanemom said... Be well, and know when you are fed up with the Great White North, you are always welcome way down South in Dixie!"

thx for that... you never know.

post also updated to point to your astute take on oprah.

i have a buddy who moved from british columbia to colorado for a high-tech job... he's never coming back.


seejanemom said...

You're a PEACH neo con!