06 October 2007

Living by the Sword

In this part of the world, talking, apparently... is for sissies and infidels.

-- GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The head of the Hamas government in Gaza urged Arab nations, particularly Saudi Arabia and Egypt, not to attend a U.S.-hosted Mideast conference, saying in an interview published Saturday that he didn't expect the gathering to produce any results.
Not like the spectacular success you've had so far with all the tit-for-tat slaughter, huh Ismail? That's some bloodthirsty "religion of peace" you've got there, buddy.
The comments by Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister, marked the first time a top Hamas government official in Gaza criticized Arab nations for considering attending the conference, which is to take place later this fall.

The participation of leading Arab countries is seen as key to the success of the conference. The failure of the 2000 Mideast summit at Camp David was, in part, attributed to the lack of Arab support.
Live and don't learn.