14 February 2016

You couldn't see this coming?

Remember, folks... this is the guy who has a crush on "China's basic dictatorship"...

The government’s decision to force its caucus to toe the party line is the same stand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took in 2014, when he required all of his MPs to support a woman’s right to choose.
Democracy? What's that?


Bill Elder said...

Ya know Neo, I’ve puzzled about the whole (seemingly genetic) Trudeau fascination with communist tyrants and tyrannies, and then last night it struck me like a blinding white light of revelation – Canada’s Castro brothers (PM Selfie & Sharia Sacha) cozying up to commie regimes and homogenizing Canadian culture with obtuse cultures and power structures incompatible with traditional Canadian culture/law/politics is all part of a larger multi-generational program.

I believe that long term project was hatched by PET himself and the transnational communist consortium. It was no secret PET’s fascination/obsession with statist communism – his visits to Moscow in the late 50s as a young communist, his personal and political simpatico with Cuba after the missile crisis, his trips to China before Nixon opened dialogue, his thick UN globalist affiliations and estrangement from NATO, the US and western Canada, his attempts to collectivize the resource and energy industry and centralize political power in Ottawa.

Regardless of whether the coopted MSM acknowledge it or not, his coup ( the charter or so-called “repatriation of the BNA”) was his successful attempt to start turning Canada into a soviet type collectivist state (his national vision) – the charter took us from absolute legal equity under Anglo commonlaw and inviolable individual civil rights to collectivist entitlements administered by an omnipotent autocratic state (read section 1 of the charter, this defiles our inherited inalienable civil rights as mere privileges indulged by the state which can be removed by the state) – codified redistribution of wealth, power and privilege via decree. Charter section 1 empowers central authority in the PMO/government and undermines parliamentary supremacy with an un-elected unaccountable jurocracy (a defacto supreme soviet which rubber stamp policy diktat from the PMO). The SCC and federal sub-ministerial bureaucracy was/is stacked with anti-parliamentary sycophants. He got away with this subterfuge and you see the fallout from this every day in your loss of freedom and rights to the expanding and intrusive collectivist police state carrying forward globalist agendas - and incremental provincial loss of constitutional sovereignty to Ottawa.

But this left the job of a Canadian single party collectivist state half finished. So he sired 3 heirs apparent ( as is traditional in hereditary communist imperialism like Cuba and N.Korea) and once he removed the surrogate mother’s influence from their lives, he set about politically indoctrinating them and conditioning them in the plan to complete the job of devolving Canada into a fully subjected perpetual single party Menshevik police state with centralized power run by a soviet triumvirate (Jurocracy/political oligarchy/militarized police) – PM Selfie or one of his siblings was a shoe-in LPC leader the day they joined the party – the party oligarchs saw to that, the second part of this agenda was that in the next LPC majority government under a second gen Trudeau leadership, the final stage of PETs plan to erect the Canadian soviet state would begin in earnest – look what’s on the table – gun confiscation, police becoming fully politicized and integrated into the law making structure, attempts to subvert the election system to ensure perpetual single party supremacy, the financial oligarchy is being welcomed into the patronage fold and a system of political crony capitalism set up and perennial dissident provinces are being subjugated by resource taxing and hostile resource policy making.

The current PET rev. 2.0 regime is cold calculating long-term commie planning – nothing less. It’s all there. Wonder why it took me so long to see it.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, bill... an interesting take on canada's heir transparent.

i believe it was the indominatable kathy shaidle who once said... "never an avalanche around when you really need one..."


Bill Elder said...

Neo, I haven't been over caffeinated this AM - this is not a conspiracy because its happening in plain sight

The thing that made the whole puzzel come together was that candid sound bite that someone caught on their iPhone of Prince Justin at the LPC leadership convention awaiting the results of the first ballot, where he confided to Sophie that he felt this was his time to "fulfil his destiny" - she basically told him to chill back because she thought he was being over dramatic, but that Freudian slip makes sense if you understand he was groomed by his father and the LPC oligarchy to finish PET's agenda to take Canada from a parliamentary democracy/confederation to a collectivist autocratic federalist state - the single party state.

"fulfilling his destiny" = finishing PET's agenda of sovietisation of Canada.

There is a book that essentially covers the first part of what PET tried to do - if you ever see it snag it it's out of print now (probably banned as heresy)- "His Pride, Our Fall: Recovering from the Trudeau Revolution" by Kenneth McDonald: Key Porter Books, 1995. ISBN 1-55013-714-X


Neo Conservative said...

and justin gets the principle of his trust fund right around now, rather than the payments that have subsidised his bohemian lifestyle so far. you're right, though... he does seem to feel he enjoys the divine right of kings.

it'll be fun to see how he handles gobs of money AND his newfound celebrity. we'll have to see if he goes all joplin/hendrix/morrison/whinehouse at some point.

interesting also that he and the rest of the family can pretend that his half-sister doesn't even exist... even though she seems to be the smartest and most serious of pierre's kids.


Bill Elder said...

Maybe sitting on the love child pew at the back of the church eating crackers while mommy gets married had something to do with her contempt for the "Droit du seigneur" the Trudeau dynasty exude when they spray their wild royal seed about the common garden.

- as for her lack of "destiny fulfilling" politics, she was not fed the ego-inflating royal jelly from the Trudeaupian retainers for most of her life - and it isn't a stretch to believe she thinks Mom's politics are nutty cookoo as well. With that family/genetic back ground the best I wish for her is a normal productive life filled with genuine people

The press avoids her because it's an embarrassing reminder the emperor had no cloths on several occasions when he engaged in white trash romance - Hurts the regal image the media have concocted for an imperial socialist dynasty.

Interesting for me was reading the spawn's "memoirs" (ya, I know, what's a 40 year old doing writing his legacy trilogy) he had seriously considered (pushed by Trudeaupian apparatchiks) to merge with the NDP so the left would rule in perpetuity, he gives a maudlin me excuse why not, but you just know it was his "destiny" to Canada's 1st commie emperor that did it for him - don't want to share the power with common union trash.

So my prognostications about his agenda for a perpetual single party socialist state were founded in the spawn's own musings - not flexing my conspiracy reflex on that.

Neo Conservative said...

"it was his "destiny"

sweet baby jebus... i got nuthin'.