25 February 2016

More debt, more line-jumping refugees...

...and hey... let's throw a bone to convicted terrorists while we're at it...

The federal government is scrapping measures brought in by the Conservatives that allow Ottawa to revoke the citizenship of Canadians convicted of terrorism and other offences. If Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum's new legislation passes, the citizenship of Zakaria Amara of the so-called Toronto 18 terrorist group could be restored.

"We did run on those things. We did win the election," he said. "And therefore, I would argue that we have a strong mandate to do those things we wish to do."
Don't blame me... I didn't vote for them.


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TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government will outline a plan to eliminate its deficit and stem the growth of its massive debt in today's provincial budget, the ninth in a row to be awash in red ink. Mike Moffatt of the Ivey Business School expects the net debt will crash through the psychological $300-billion mark in today's budget.


Anonymous said...

They can paint all these repeals of much needed border scrutiny under any false narrative they with, but the reality is, the Trudork Liberals are erasing accountability and government restraints.

Any political regime engaged in the obfuscation of restraints and accountability is intent on lawlessness - the magnitude of what we witnessed down south the past decade. Watch it happen here as the MSM cheerleads this regression into lawless agenda bullying.

Bill Elder said...

"RELATED: What's Justin's other Mom up to?"

Heh too rich - PM "Two Mums"

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... erasing accountability and government restraints."

just wait until that first ied goes off... justin won't even be able to show his face at the transgender amputee women of colour festival.


Martin said...

With these changes to immigration rules, McCallum and the Liberals have made Canadian Citizenship as easy as checking into Holiday Inn for an evening.
Can't speak English or French? no problem come in anyway.
And once signed in, nothing conceivable could ever cause citizenship to be revoked.
A Terrorist sentenced to 24 years for crimes against Canada? Not serious enough a crime in Liberal eyes. Canada must truly be the world's laughing stock with this immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

I believe Quebec still gets a big say on the immigrants it accepts so no French means they go to the back of the line. If course a lot of Muslims have French as their first, second or third language. For instance it is only a few years ago that Russian took the place of French as a compulsory subject in Syrian schools.

Anonymous said...

'Other Mum"?...lol...all along I thought they had mancrushes on each other.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Quebec still gets a big say on the immigrants it accepts"

of course they do... special rights for special people.

i have never understood how the supreme court of canada has made peace with quebec's language police. the whole world has gone wonky.