11 February 2016

Don't look at me...

...I didn't vote for them...

"What I can guarantee to you, absolutely, is that we will not keep Canadians in the dark on what the costs are."

"What I cannot say today is precisely the moment at which we will be able to release those costs."
Bend over and grab your ankles Canada... you did this to yourself.


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...at the provincial level.
"The Kathleen Wynne government spent almost $600,000 advertising its proposed pension plan during last fall’s federal election campaign."
Your money... their malfeasance.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I am sure you have heard the old saying, a fool and his money are soon parted. Well, you can expand that and say, a fool and his country are soon parted.

Martin said...

"the Liberals budgeted $100 million for the ambitious resettlement program for this fiscal year, including money for settlement services, and $100 million for next year"

That's a lot of money, but given the scale of what Liberals have committed to, it no doubt will disappear shortly. Anyone care to bring up Allan Rock's original estimates for the gun registry? Applying the same multiplier to this $200 M, might provide Canadians with some ball park figure for the refugee cost. Plus it will no doubt stretch well beyond 3 years.

BillElder said...

This is their problem, they own it and it is their mill stone - remember the 2 million dollar gun registry which ended up costing 2 billion and was still broken?

This time when it implodes on them/us, we can't afford to wait another term to turf these @ssholes, dump them, dump Ontario, and sue any media which supports this reckless stupidity - if all fails head west or south with your savings.

Tiny sniggering point: The Bank of Canada has sold off so much gold reserves (from 1200 tonnes to 3 tonnes)and have not pinned the dollar with any replacement tangible value, and are about to take on massive government debt (at low dollar-high interest terms) because selfie boy wants to play act he's the new Mohamed - so he will float his deficits/debt with the printing press and discount Fed bonds (which the BoC will be forced to buy because no one else will) making either dollar collapse or economic crisis as a very real possibility

- but budgets take care of themselves, right?

Neo Conservative said...

"billelder says... he will float his deficits/debt with the printing press and discount Fed bonds"

justin's daddy increased canadian debt from 28 billion to over 300 billion over the course of his imperial reign.

the obummer administration to the south of us has effectively, in two terms, doubled the u.s. deficit. they have spent more taxpayer money than every president collectively since 1776.

watch as the same thing happens here.


Anonymous said...

Get ready for more money to be pledged to the United Nations as Justin angles for a security council seat.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Get ready for more money to be pledged"

more taxpayer dollars, you mean.

none of this money comes out of millionaire trustfund baby justin's pocket.