09 February 2016

Sunni ways, my friends...

Dear Emperor Narcissus Pompadoris... perhaps, somewhere in between all your photo-ops, er... travels, you should try talking to a few Kurds.prime minister care bearAnd, by the way... don't military bases all have nasty, racist firearms and body-baggin' ordnance?

Aside from possibly offending our newest shake & bake citizens, are Canada's military bases really Pierre-Lite's first choice to settle an Islamic Diaspora from the very countries currently gestating the glorious new worldwide Caliphate?

Just askin'.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........a Canadian pm proving once again that there is no shortage of stupid in Canada. it is just freaking depressing having to be exposed to the level of stupid that we are constantly bombarded with. this country needs a revolution and the socialists have to go.

Bill Elder said...

Nothing on this Truedough Refugee file makes any sense - perhaps if my judgement was as impaired by the thick layers of stupid that envelop PM Selfie, it might, but even that is doubtful. There is no way to explain a national leader spending huge revenues and political currency on a security gamble with no proven social or political benefits - look at Merkel's pop numbers, this will be PM selfie's fate in a years time.

What is the net worth of ignoring national security and public safety to import this kind of demonstrable social strife into a peaceful nation? I would have thought that at least a few of the more wizened wonks in the Liberal party would have warned against what is inevitably political suicide.

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Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... spending huge revenues and political currency"

nothing more dangerous than a true believer... but justin's cabal know that these folk and their 8 children apiece will add to a librano voting pool.

so what if the country as a whole has to suffer.


Bill Elder said...

"justin's cabal know that these folk and their 8 children apiece will add to a librano voting pool."

It didn't work out that way in France, Britain and Germany - those who successfully integrated want to end open integration and they have voted for more right wing governments.

I site the story of the Serbian Muslim who had her child raped by a migrant in Austria - she wants them deported. That will p[lay out here because the first people these thugs prey on is their own kind.