07 February 2016

My melting pot overfloweth

Oh my gawds... we have to take firearms away from farmers, hunters and target shooters right now... hey, wait a minute...

Come for a smoke... stay for the firefight...

The first shooting took place at around 1 a.m. near a shisha lounge in the area of Airport and Derry Roads in Mississauga. Paramedics found the victim, identified by police as 17-year-old Sharmarke Farah, with life-threatening injuries. He died on the way to hospital.

Const. Bally Saini said officers arrested one person for firearms-related offences, but that person is not a suspect in Farah’s death.
Hmmm... Cops arrest a guy with a gun at the crime scene, but it's not the shooter. Here's a location with more guns than a Tarantino flick, but CTV declines to share where exactly that is.


UPDATE: Forget about the dead teenager...

...Citypulse News says this is all about "Police Brutality"...burying the lede
Police remain on scene; however the patrons of the shisha lounge have since been released after being held for upwards of four or five hours. “They took us on the bus, they searched us. We were here all night and weren’t even allowed to use the washroom,” another man told CP24 at the scene.
Allegations of "Islamophobia" in three... two...


UPDATE2: CP24 got rid of old headline...

Click on the link above and you go to this... complete with picture of the teenager in a sports uniform.


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So the CTV report decides to omit a precise location for the shooting. That's strange, even for a news outlet that refuses to publish physical descriptions of shooters.

I know, let's ask another "professional" journalist... how about Jeremy Cohn (@JeremyGlobalTV)?habibis loungeApparently, though... we're just getting warmed up...going publicAnd finally...mastas loungeWelcome to the GTA - the Gun Toting Area.

You know how many gun murders there were out in my rural neighbourhood last night?

That'd be zero.


Anonymous said...

Went to same high school as Harper some years earlier in Etobicoke. Sad to see street names and communities I knew in the news because of driveby shootings and also stabbings.
Rexdale was never a pretty place but now it is ugly and dangerous. Used to be only Jamaicans from downtown projects that caused mayhem (Trudeau pere loved communist Manley who encouraged street gangs in Jamaica) and Chinese rival groups, but now all sorts if ethnic groups have gangs and are all over the place.

Bill Elder said...

I s'pose it wouldn't do any good to remind our intrepid anti-gun reporters that these shootings occurred in a gun free zone.

Hey what is a good Islamist lad doing hanging out in lounges with booze and drugs and such trappings of the great satan?

Neo Conservative said...

ctv wouldn't even mention where the shooting took place. it took a freelance videographer (likely listening on a police scanner) to give the public the who and the where.

cp24 chose not to report on the murder, but went for the "police brutality" angle.

without a second source, you can't trust anything the msm is reporting.


Bill Elder said...

Neo said: "without a second source, you can't trust anything the msm is reporting."

Well this is the old game of lying by omission - the lie is in what you don't hear. I know the broad sheets and national broadcast news have been coopted by the political power structure and controlled through their licencing agreements and Fed advertising money by the government of the day- it's been like this since the 70s

- But I can't figure out what they're dodging by spiking reports on this GTA crime wave - I mean the victims are almost universally multicult protectorate groups (which in GTA are no longer "minorities"). Why are they not coming on side to get the law and police to protect these liberal vote plantation people?

MSM knows it is too ridiculous to blame this on anything other than ethnic gang violence, drug culture and minority on minority crime -running a crusade against white conservative Sask. farmers with deer rifles or rifle range target shooters will lose them credibility and get the public sniffing for a hidden rat - although I heard one cop who was being pressured about the gangster shooting spree try to blame it on lawful firearms owners having their guns stolen - that didn't wash with the media as it was dropped by the next day's news cycle - so what's the political agenda the MSM are sitting on?

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... what they're dodging by spiking reports on this GTA crime wave"

i think it speaks to the reflexive (not to say, suckass) political correctness that is so embedded in north american society these days.

this extends into police culture... where, invariably, the police root around to find a visible minority spokesperson (same or similar ethnicity) within their ranks to announce these "tragedies."

hide all the 6 foot tall caucasian males, for gawds sakes... it smacks of white privilege. look at the command structure of toronto pd... chief is english, born of jamaican parents and deputy chief is jamaican born... which seems to over-represent jamaica in top echelon of toronto coppers.

do we now have to hire illiterate, non-english speaking syrian refugee officers to balance yet another scale?

meanwhile, black people get to scream about not winning oscars based on some strange per capita statistic.

you can't have it both ways... sorry.


Bill Elder said...

Neo said : "i think it speaks to the reflexive (not to say, suckass) political correctness that is so embedded in north american society these days."

I'd like to think it was that simple but being a veteran observer of the cesspool that progressia has created of society, there is ALWAYS a deeper political motive which relates to their ultimate end game

- in this case I think the unstated message is, 3rd world immigration begets 3rd world crime and devolved 3rd world culture, get used to it because we intend to replace 1st world culture with 3rd world culture - not that we like these retards, it's just that we hate western culture/values/order more.

Neo Conservative said...

citypulse news has now put an automatic redirect on the url with the headline alleging police brutality. it has been erased and now actually refers to the teen who was murdered. not a correction... they just diappeared the original headline and sent link to rewritten article.

incredibly dishonest, but that's what the msm does.