23 February 2016

Remember, this is Ontario...

If people want to steal your stuff... you have to stand there and watch them do it.

And let's not forget beautiful British Columbia...

"I’ve also met a lot of ex-homeless guys at AA meetings, including a few Main and Hastings refugees. They hadn’t been homeless because the Vancouver City Council was packed with miserly Tories or because there was a depression or a recession (in many case, there was neither). They were homeless because having a home—and a job and a wife and bills, living the “straight” life—had been leeching precious time, money, and energy away from their addictions, not to mention their criminal enterprises and overall compulsion to be assholes, just cuz."

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Li said he heard the voice of God telling him to kill the young carnival worker or "die immediately." Li repeatedly stabbed McLean who unsuccessfully fought for his life. As passengers fled the bus, Li continued stabbing and mutilating the body before he was arrested.
Well, actually, Vince Li decapitated McLean, cut pieces off his body and ate them... but heck, if you can't say something nice... right?

If Vince Li/ Will Baker beheads someone else can we charge his doctors with complicity in a homicide?


LAST WORD: PEI beats stiff competition...
"The province won after it printed up a 180,000 copies of a tourism guide with a front cover that featured a nice beach scene with a woman and man, who was sporting an erection."
Comment of the week...
"This story has lasted more than 4 hours. Should he not be seeing a doctor?"


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........we have pretty much reached the point where the police and courts are our enemies. the future does not look bright for freedom in Canada or America.

Bill Elder said...

Normally I could fill 2o pages with a rant on the immorality of this statist directive to automatically charge the victim in an armed self defence or home defense case. Suffice to say this is common, it is an abuse of the law, it's malicious prosecution/persecution and it is done on purpose in furthering a political agenda to defacto erase the right of armed self defense, citizen arrest powers and the lawful doctrine of "your home is your castle". AFAIC the crown should be in the defendant's box if they lay chrges in clear cut cases of self defense or home defense. Orwell said it all in this quote:

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”

These cases drive me nuts so I did some digging around here's something that may interest you Neo. This case and the crown's determination to victimize the victim (the legal process IS the punishment) is explained by a bit of investigating.

As usual in these defensive shootings the perp (pimped as the victim) is not described properly for identification if the PC code for minorities is observed. It's since come out that the perp shot stealing the car was from Ohsweken - did alarm bells just go off? Two tiered policing? Caledonia? OPP policy with 6N warrior perps?

This is a case to watch because the politics spinning through the police and crown prosecutor's office come right from Queens park. While I agree that shooting a perp dead for stealing your car, when you got the drop on him may be unreasonable, if he was armed or believed to be armed, this is clear cut self defense - in any event, if we had a functional citizens arrest power as stated in the criminal code I doubt the perp would have been shot - just held at gun point until police take custody - but that will get you arrested too these days. There is also the possibility of 6N reserve auto theft posies raiding outside their turf. Did the perp and Khill know each other?

The police appear to be sending more than one subliminal political message with charges which are unreasonable to the alleged crime. #1) is that you uppity homeowner gunnies better not get the idea you can defend yourself or your property and there is no stand your ground law in Kanadar. It also is the police issuing the unwritten edict that a firearms licence does not include self defense as a lawful reason for holding the licence - note his was revoked and his guns confiscated and a gun prohibition ordered - BEFORE CONVICTION. There goes 8oo yrs of Mens rea and prosecution onus.

There may be a second political motive here for violations of identity politics victimology pecking order - 6N looters are not to be shot by non status citizens. Is there a lot of this with the hoodies leaving the "hood" to raid the poorly policed burbs that police would react so defensively when a homeowner has had enough of it?

Khill is a skilled tradesman and an ex CAF reserve, he may also be an ex 6N reserve as well (Hill+k?) - he seems a productive working class guy well liked in the community because there is a social media campaign to have the charges dropped. The Ohsweken side has started a counter crusade with all the usual victimology clich├ęs invoked.

This one needs follow up, something smells like the political rot in Caledonia has drifted into the burbs.

Neo Conservative said...

"6N looters are not to be shot by non status citizens"

unlike corporal marcel lemay...

"Thirty-one year old Corporal Marcel Lemay of the Surete du Quebec was shot in the face and died a short while later, leaving behind a two-year-old daughter and his pregnant wife."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............I think the crown has lost every one of these cases. juries will not convict for protecting one's property.

Bill Elder said...

A telling "victim" statement from the perp's kin:

James Styres, the cousin, says Jon was a cigarette machine operator at Grand River Enterprises. He didn't come from a wealthy family and grew up with challenges inherent to his community.
"Living on the reserve, you experience things that non-natives might not be able to understand.
"It's a hard way of living for aboriginal people these days."

I also see the "rez" paparazzi are issuing weaponized propaganda about Khill - grab a beer and popcorn, this will be a political mud wrestle if Khill does not plea bargain to multicultural crimes and maintains a not guilty defence.

Here's the 6N propaganda - http://tinyurl.com/hfea3rv

Here's the petition to drop charges against the homeowner -

Neo Conservative said...

"you experience things that non-natives might not be able to understand"

and that's why it's okay to travel off-rez and victimise the non-aboriginal populace.