16 February 2016

My Melting Pot overfloweth

Tell me again how all these Syrian refugees are gonna fit seamlessly into Canadian society...

A cab company in Newfoundland has been ordered to pay a visually impaired woman $5,000 in compensation after three of its drivers refused to offer service to her and her service dog.
That's so strange, I mean Canadians in general and Newfies specifically, well... they love their dogs, they're like members of the family. Why would anyone refuse... wait a minute... what do those infamous Islamophobes over at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind have to say?
When it comes to cabs, many companies point out that drivers who are Muslim do not want contact with dogs because Islamic tradition sees them as unclean. But critics argue that carrying dogs comes with the job description for taxi drivers.
Is this Muslim/Dog argle-bargle even a real thing?
Jamal Badawi, a Halifax Imam and religious studies professor emeritus at St. Mary’s University, said there is nothing in the Qur'an or Muslim teachings that says dogs are to be avoided.
Hmmm... that isn't stopping the Islamic "community" from using it to avoid security checks the rest of us have to go through...
POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion.
You wouldn't know any of this stuff if you read the Canadian Press or Globe & Mail... because they won't ever use the "M" word. They're happy to leave readers with the impression that Newfies are terminal dickheads.

In other multi-culti news...
Months after a Toronto woman filed a human rights complaint against Omar Mahrouk, a Muslim barber who would not give her a haircut, the issue has been quietly resolved. Ms. McGregor filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal last June after she was denied a haircut because it is against the barbers’ religion to touch a woman.
"Quietly resolved," huh? Not like when they stuck it up Guy Earle's infidel ass to the tune of $17,000.

And, finally... speaking of "overfloweth"...sticks and stones and fingers...
Toilet routines differ, and Islamic culture has detailed toilet etiquette. Islamic countries traditionally use water to wash. The myreligionislam.com website lists 20 rules and practices "to be followed when answering the call of nature." One rule stipulates using fingers to clean oneself, and "if there are still traces," washing them with water. Cleaning the private parts "with stones and similar materials" is regarded as an "acceptable substitute for cleaning them with water."

Other rules forbid talking, singing, smoking or reading the paper while on the toilet. People are also advised to enter the bathroom left foot first, while exiting with the right.
Sunni ways, my friends... sunni ways.


Bill Elder said...

I have run across this Islamist dogma (pun intended) at the airport bringing my dogs back from international trials. I was refused by 3 but the fourth cabbie was OK with it so it isn't a religious thing it's some cult/sect tribalist mumbojumbo.

I can respect any cabbie refusing to have pet dogs or cats or any animal in his cab for fear of exposing other passengers to hair allergies, fleas or other infections, but it is totally different to refuse service to a blind person with a certified seeing eye dog - these dogs are checked regularly for health and hygiene because they may go into restaurants or super markets.

There are legal protections which prevent the exclusion of or discrimination against people who use service animals. People who are blind and rely on guide dogs have clear legal protections. The Blind Persons' Rights Act (BPRA) protects a blind person accompanied by a guide dog from the denial of accommodation, services or facilities available in any place to which the public is customarily admitted. This includes restaurants, hotels and taxis, none of which may refuse service to a blind person with a guide dog.

Even Newfoundland won't accommodate Neolithic superstitions discriminating against disabled people. If a Cab Company has cabbies doing this it is legally liable and is grounds for dismissal of the offending cabbie and a fine via the NLHRC


Neo Conservative said...

plenty of reporting on the newfoundland decision... but see if you can find a single account that uses the word "muslim."


Bill Elder said...

Neo, the operative word in the BPR act is "any" place whe public normally go is open to these dogs - no exceptions, it wouldn't matter if the cabbie was a martian, they can't refuse service to the blind with a service dog.

Hope someone sues the bugger back into the stone age.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............I now know that Canada and the world is seriously screwed when there are muslim cab drivers in NFLD.

Neo Conservative said...

again, the part i find most worrisome is the willingness of the media and the authorities to downplay & coverup every time a muslim is involved in an incident like this.

it's like the german police covering up the cologne attacks on christmas eve.