07 February 2016

I'm with Justin

Forget Alberta and that nasty Oil Industry... Prime Minister "Narcissus Pompador" attracts important new business that meshes with his deepest personal beliefs...

The largest permanent, haute couture Barbie exposition in the world is coming to Les Cours Mont-Royal next week. The Barbie museum will feature high-fashion, designer, and even celebrity Barbies.

The dolls will be featured wearing designs from Armani, Dior, Versace, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta and many more notable names from the fashion industry.
In other Prime Ministerial news...
When asked what Canada's role should be in the fight against ISIS, only 27 per cent told the Angus Reid Institute that they were on the same page as Trudeau.
Man... all those knuckle-draggin' neo-conserv... wait a minute...
Slightly more past Liberal voters were in support of maintaining the current level of Canada's involvement than were in support of withdrawing Canada's fighter jets.
Honeymoon over?


Anonymous said...

The fantasy continues for JT and Quebec - as long as the transfer payments are uninterrupted. Dose of reality coming when Alberta takes an EI holiday. Time to take a break from Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

justin only cares about quebec & ontario. if he can continue to put the screws to alberta, he will consolidate his political power and attempt to restore these two provinces to a dominant economic position.

only logical that alberta consider separating from canada and start doing it's own deals with energy hungry countries like china & india. the price of oil will be back where it was in a while and in a post-notley world the west can be prosperous and strong.

i love the irony in the post... a barbie museum is considered a coup for justin's beloved quebec. well, they have much in common... barbie makes little girls hearts go pitty-pat... barbie has great hair... barbie loves a fashion show... barbie has air between her ears.


Anonymous said...

Impressive how powerful Justin is to have singlehandedly (and retroactively) lowered the world price for oil. And also he somehow prevented failed PM Harper from succeeding in securing one single new pipeline.

I guess JT is more powerful than even his strongest supporters believed!

Bill Elder said...

ROTFLMAO - " PM Narcissus Pompador"

- more like Emperor "Narcissus Pompadoris" Or "Emperor Cranius Blankus" with his pro-consul "Anus Maximus" (AKA Gerry Butts).. All Hail the Caesarian section. Libranus tyrannus SPQC (Senātus Populus que Canadianus)

heh heh I crack myself up!

Go Denver!!!!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... impressive how powerful Justin is"

a canadian pm with a majority government is much more powerful than a us president. the usa has checks & balances... we do not.

justin has decided not just to shut down pipeline plans... but enact legislation that increases bureacratic hurdles on the entire oil industry.

he repealed the legislation that would have deported convicted terrorists with dual citizenship and legislation that would have audited the 12 billion dollars funneled to aboriginal communities.

he stuck the first women he could find into cabinet, not based on smarts or experience because... it's 2025.

he dumped 3 billion dollars into a carbon credit ponzi scheme that will only serve to enrich third world dictators.

i could go on, but it's too depressing.


Bill Elder said...

Neo we both know Justin isn't doing any of these things - he just signs the orders with a blank stare when they are shoved under his pen for him.

This is Butts and the Laurentian oligarchs in the party making policy in a vacuum. - Butts wants us living in concrete caves, eating grass and burning dried cow poop to keep warm like the Neolithic lifestyle of his green dream utopia - so he will willing shut down our only viable wealth engine to do it (he's as mad as a shithouse rat you know-obsessed with this green impoverishment agenda)

- and the Liberal oligarchs have their capital invested in energy sectors and businesses which are in direct competition with Canadian oil and pipeline transit so with their boy signing the orders they are killing the competition (and damaging Canadians with profligate energy costs) so they can continue to clip their blue chip stock couponswhile the rest of us pay for it.

Neo Conservative said...

justin announced he's gonna fight isis by withdrawing significant canadian military assets from the current theatre of war.

i wouldn't let this dope walk my dog.