05 February 2016

Justin's World

It's all just "Horton hears a..." what the f@ckin' f@ck...

They'd spent months living in the roofless remains of a bombed house eating rats and whatever else they could find. And it showed. They were youngish people but they war-ravaged: sunked-cheeked, slack-skinned, with rotting teeth and clothes that hung off their emaciated bodies. You didn't need to be told they were refugees from a civil war: They might as well have had a neon sign on their heads. Oh, and they were Muslim, too.
That was the horror of Bosnia.

And now we have a whole new breed of, strangely enough, military age males flooding into the EU...
Oddly enough, their co-religionist "refugees" don't look like that at all. The ones I saw in Denmark and Sweden were well-fed, well-dressed - and fit and muscular, as German women discovered at New Year.

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...who wants to live next door to dirty infidels...
"It's a slow process because in some cases, [refugee] families are turning down the housing that's being offered."
Apparently welfare beggars can be choosers...
She understands why some may lack sympathy for those [refugees] who turn down housing, but she said many newcomers "cling" to one another. "They feel empowered by being beside each other."
That bodes well for integrating into Canadian society, right?


"Perhaps something can be found for them in the neighbourhood of Mecca?"
Presto... problem solved!