19 October 2015

The mere fact that...

...Canada's answer to Paris Hilton is even on the ballot makes me fear for my country...

toronto sun endorses harper

Harper successfully led Canada through the worst recession since the Great Depression, emerging in better shape than almost any other developed country.

Since then, he has successfully balanced the federal budget and positioned Canada for modest surpluses for the next four years.
ottawa citizen endorses harper
There are two serious issues facing Canada right now: Ongoing economic uncertainty, and an increasingly unstable situation in the Middle East. In the face of the worst economic downturn in a generation, Harper has made sure that Canada remains on secure economic footing, something both his opponents’ plans put at risk.

When it comes to confronting ISIL and the threat of global terror more generally, only the Conservatives are prepared to treat the matter with the strength of conviction it deserves.

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Today’s busy voter deserves to know just how much their potential future prime minister is lacking in credentials.

In terms of career experience, all the 43-year-old’s chalked up is a couple years as a teacher in British Columbia. After that, he entered an engineering program but soon dropped out, then started another MA program but dropped that too. He became an MP shortly after, in 2008.

In other words, Justin Trudeau spent the years before entering politics dabbling in this and that, drifting about without any commitment to work or school.


LAST WORD: Justin's pals throw elbows

The return of Chretien-style politics.


Anonymous said...

If the retarded actor Trudumbo and the Media win the election then there is really no reason to care about this country any longer. A citizenry that would vote for someone so unqualified, so divisive, so stupid and so radical surrounded by one radical after another is not a citizenry capable or worthy of survival. IMO the Media campaign to get the retard with the name elected will fail. Canadians will see through the Media's fog of deceit and vote for the best PM in the last 50 years, PM Harper. If not, then there's no point in even caring, just sit back and enjoy the decline.

Neo Conservative said...

that's a fatalistic outlook.

i hope that canadians have the sense to think about what they are doing today.

voting for trudeau is just a hair smarter than voting for justin bieber.


Anonymous said...

"Sit back and enjoy the decline". What is it about you Harpercons that you are so completely detached from reality? Stock markets have performed MUCH better under Liberal governments, and just in case your talking points are not clear on the matter, Harper stepped into a situation with a $15 billion surplus following on 8 (or 9) consecutive Liberal budget surpluses. Just because your team will lose does not give you the right to re-write history and have your own set of facts.

Secondly, is there not something inherently flawed in decrying the supposed "liberal media" in the same column that contains numerous editorial endorsements of your Great Leader? Last election you had over 95% editorial support and yet still Harpercons felt slighted, as it was still short of the 100% obeisance required.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... is there not something inherently flawed..."

yup... the toronto sun and the national post, perhaps the only two conservative media outlets in canada come out for harper and that's your case?

as for your stock market nonsense, i'd love to see you back that up.

the fact is pm harper has shepherded the country through a recessionary time... we're the best performing country in the g7.

please tell me what you like about the shiny pony? you can tell us from your heart outward.


Anonymous said...

"[...] but dropped that too. He became an MP shortly after, in 2008."

Well they GOOD news is, that after his first stare down with Putin, he'll likely drop out of being PM altogether. Or glowingly welcome our new foreign overlord, as we can expect to happen with a NDP "win".

Does any one know if the conservatives thought to use the munk debate footage of JT being laughed at when he brought up facing off Putin?

It was priceless.

On that alone I don't JT wining well over 100 seats he would need to form even a minority let alone majority.

I never use the term "newb" in a derogatory way, so I won't give those who forsake reading basic instruction manuals a disservice by lumping them in with him... HOWEVER; "arrogant noob" is a measured distinction.

I particularly enjoy the silly liberal ad montage displaying his fondness for embracing strangers/supporters on the street.
Just watch everyone looks for in a wartime PM. I'd rather not see him try that with Vlad before heading into a secluded room.

He won't be PM in this election(not even possible) so we need not fret.
You can't jump from 36 seats to 155+ in a single bound. Our democracy is a slower crawl than others

" a $15 billion surplus following on 8 (or 9) consecutive Liberal budget surpluses"
~boastfully ignorant "Anon" 12:35 p.m., October 19, 2015

Your economically illiterate... to simply tie government surpluses and stock markets as the measure to what defines a healthy economy.

(mind you the stats that are down are because of left wing provinces and jurisdictions)

Large government surpluses are a bad thing if they are not naturally generated from the privater market economy. It's a signal of overtaxing the populace, not to use that to buy votes like Paul Martin attempted to set in motion during the election where he was turfed. After all, he created the "fiscal imbalance" amongst the provinces while finance minister. He to an axe to provincial transfers for healthcare and education, which forced conservative premiers to cut services than they would of ever cared to do. Especially in such sort order.

The Federal Liberals also got caught stealing funds from EI to top off their surpluses.

You also ignore the economic policy inertia that makes surpluses possible at all.
At the same time the those Federal Liberals had conservatives at the provincial level doing all they could to save their economies while creating PRIVATE sector growth and revenues that also contribute to federal budgets.

Just as the left wing provincial parties(including Alberta under Stelmech, an all "PC"Premiers after him)have been doing the opposite by dragging down their own economies and by extension, federal budgets.

Your the one "cheerleading a team" and ignoring the context of history.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I did see a positive chilled out JT interview, but cafe manners isn't what is needed when dealing with the rest of the world.

We are not voting for bookclub president, or drama teacher of the year.

We need a strong foreign policy Hawk[I can't emphasize that enough] to prevent, stave off, or win the next world war which could be triggered by several on going conflicts. The only reason the left downplays that possibility is that are the most open to never putting up a fight. Can any of you imagine Mulcair resisting a Russian incursion of our northern resources? Though, that couldn't be worse than Trudeau lining our cities with violent "refugees".

Elizabeth May went as far as to knownly protest with Hamas at least once.

So I don't know why the left thinks they have anything to stand on, given that their policies are what made Sweden the rape capital of the developed world. (I think only 2nd if you count the thirdworld)

^Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCGedOGCrnQ

Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN7nAgdo2K8
[banned video, use dailymotion link in description.]

follow that up with:

Libs Courting Islamist

"Liberal candidate campaigned at polling station and spoke at violent pro-Hamas rally": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPXTccHToBM


Anonymous said...

What is happening in Europe with Islam, is WORSE than a zombie apocalypse. Even if they could fly and spit acid. Hell, throw in night vision and deafening shrieks and its still preferable.

Whats the left's answer? but to import that mess here!

btw, the first commentator didn't need to use the word "retard" as it only reflected badly on him more than it fit JT, and it's not kind to actual retards who are turning out to be more brilliant with a keyboard than commentator who used the word. They won't be offended themselves, but will discern you to be less literate than what is common.

I'm not autistic myself, but am on the high functioning spectrum of Asperger's syndrome. It's a mixed bag, but an asset once you overcome the initial drawbacks later in life. A rough start to live through though.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... not kind to actual retards"

ah... yeah... i'm sure "actual retards" everywhere thank you for that distinction.


Anonymous said...

The anonymous libtard above pretends to have some exclusive knowledge of what constitutes "reality"... LOL... Everyone knows that for libtards there is no such thing as reality, just empty sloganeering, platitudes, group think, and a huge dollop of hatred. From a libtard point of view there is no such thing as "reality" and you know it dummy.

Anonymous said...

stepped into a situation with a $15 billion surplus following on 8 (or 9) consecutive Liberal budget surpluses

Trudeau has specifically run against running surpluses. Deficit spending is what "grows the economy from the heart outward". Budgets balance themselves. I'm going to sit back and work for my cause and watch what happens next because there's going to be a lot of buyer's remorse here. We'll be ready next time.

n.y.k. said...

Let the Trudeau Derangement Syndrome begin!

Anonymous said...

"Let the Trudeau Derangement Syndrome begin!"?

Okay, we provide actual evidence of what is most likely to happen based on his own words and previous liberal misdeeds of those he chooses to surround himself with.

Unlike Harper Derangement Syndrome which was entirely based off easily debunkable misinformation and outright slander. Have you somehow ignored the ravings of the left, let alone the circus acts the supposedly "loyal" opposition parties would act out in both the commons and committees?

Harper is a "despot" remember and an murderer of the environment. Really the greatest of all evils? While actual foreign threats are treated with kid gloves by the media if not dismissed entirely or even reported on.

but apparently we are the deranged? Have you been or seen an anti Harper rally?
I know several prominent opposition parties have participated if not organized.

You do realize you just elected a nationalist statist party?
Like another party under a similar name from Europe but they at least outsource hostilities through Islamist and public sector union thugs.
Completely different tactics doesn't change the same eventual outcome of creating an economic hierarchy in favor of their closet friends and allies.
Well at least the NDP will have the class system under the Liberals that they always wanted to complain about... that only free market competition could of prevented.
Enjoy your Trudopia while the going is good. I expect along honey moon phase courtesy of our government back media outlets and political monopolies.

Let's hope they remember to at least set the slow cooker to low, so no one will notice, unlike Notely/Wynne. So they can reap the economic rewards that Harper had already made possible. That way naysayers like me can ridiculed for my alarmist commentary. Unlike AGW global warming, it's effects are real, measurable and consistent.