10 October 2015

Millionaire socialist Justin...

...might not be a math whiz, but look how deeply he feels your middle class financial pain...

It doesn’t take much analysis to demonstrate the party couldn’t possibly keep all the promises it’s made, unless it was willing to borrow far beyond the $10-billion annual limit it set itself.
Justin is ready to smash Canada's national piggy bank and spend money we don't actually have... THAT'S HOW MUCH he cares.

Try telling Mastercard you're just spending your way back to prosperity for the next four years and see how quickly they yank your plastic.

And remember... the sainted "Son of Pierre" is all about defending the underdog...oh baby**********

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If we can accommodate fairly recent cultural affectations like the niqab, what's wrong with the thousands of years old tradition of Oriental gambling dens?
Illegal gaming houses are popping up all over north Scarborough and some are using drugs to lure gamblers from the area’s Asian community, police say.

Two establishments — one on Sheppard Ave E. and another on Pharmacy Ave. — were raided last month. Two others on Montezuma Trail were also shut down — one in August and the other on Wednesday.

Alexander Ly, 34, Bao Li, 50, and Mei Huang, 43, have been charged with keeping a common gaming house.

If we're going to recognise one society's cultural traditions, how can we, in good conscience, reject those of any other?

Justin's all for the niqab and he's promised to get cracking on legalising drugs. If he comes out for homebrew casinos he'll be hitting the cultural relativity trifecta.


Anonymous said...

And what will Canada do about it? Gee maybe Mr Harper will send a couple f-18's over to straighten them all out and fool the stupid Canadian brain dead/intellectually blind conservatives! Okay now for the Trudeau winter jackets comments to follow because that's all you wannabe cons got to respond with::::::::My response: We should have invaded every Muslim country that supports terrorism after we had two of our soldiers killed on our own soil last year. We should have banned Muslim immigration and deported every goddamn one starting with baby Omar and his terrorists family. Oh no all you wannabe tough guy cons are to cowardly for that now because someone may call you a Nazi or racists or bring up the WW2 internment camp thing. Harper ad soooooo many years to straighten things out be he was toooooo busy being politically correct and tooooo bust appeasing the east. Good riddance Harper! Now we get Trudeau for a while and hopefully that's the wake up call we need as a nation so that a true conservative leader with balls comes along and actually cleans things up.

Neo Conservative said...

sure, nonny... you're gonna get all chuck norris on their asses, right?

hey, is that your mommy calling from upstairs? go on now, you can't miss bath time.


Neo Conservative said...

oh, look... nonny above left the exact same troll over at smalldeadanimals.com... only there he calls himself joe.

typical cowardly move by a dumbstick without an original thought in his head.