21 October 2015

Look on the bright side...

It's not like Ontario WILL EVER elect another NDP government...

“While Mr Trudeau is the product of two political families — his father was prime minister — he came to politics late, after working as a snowboard instructor.”
So much for Canada ever being taken seriously again on the world stage. The only way this could be worse is if pictures of Justin as a mime start to surface on social media.
The lad himself has the media savvy of the selfie generation, and can more or less handle the bofferball questions from a sympathetic press."

"His sincerity shines when it comes to a small range of policy enthusiasms, such as the legalization of marijuana and brothels, and he is visibly convinced that peace is much nicer than war.

UPDATE: Intellect Optionalpretty piece of fluff
While Canadians are pretty well aware that they elected a very attractive new leader, the rest of the world is like, “OMG, who is this beautiful, beautiful man?”
It's true, who wants "brainy" Stephen Harper when they can have "studmuffin" Justin?

Especially, you know, in a Prime Minister.


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...for the Italians, isn't it?

Pierre's son has reiterated his intent to change Canada over to a proportional representation system of voting.
Only parties passing a 3% minimum threshold in the first round are assigned seats. If the party receiving the plurality of the votes passes a 40% threshold, it is attributed a minimum of 340 seats (54%). The remaining 277 seats are allocated to the other parties in a proportional fashion, and no second round takes place.
Italy has had over 60 fractious governments in the 70 years since World War II.


Rich said...

I think we (CPC and supporters) are going about the art of
politics fundamentally the wrong way. Increasingly, voters loathe
doing ANY thinking and are, for all practical purposes, nearly immune
to logic.
We should be focusing FIRST...on the emotion or the sales pitch
and marketing. We need to look for a dynamic party leader who is able
to connect emotionally with the voters and create a picture of Canada
that the folks will buy. I now understand that policy based on logic
is important but NOT the reason voters vote the way they do.
Emotion is the decision maker in the majority of cases. So let's
admit it and act accordingly...that is logical. We tend to say logic
is our motivator but my belief that it is really logic combined with
TRUST based on that belief. That's an emotional connection too even for
the most logical thinkers.
We need a thinker but more, we need a strong leader who connects at
the gut level. A shift to being able to address the emotional stuff
first is what is needed. We need to slay the dragons on their home
I hate the idea of doing this but it is needed.

That said, nothing that I wrote above is in any way a comment
on the fine work that PM Harper did, I think he is the best PM that I
can think of.
I have NO IDEA why many folks are rabid haters.

Neo Conservative said...

rich... i have to agree with what you're saying here... but it saddens me so much that intelligent, able & articulate, non-movie star idols like preston manning & stephen harper are somehow seen as less electable than that infamous featherweight of canadian politics... the sainted son of pierre.

that tells me that a huge portion of the electorate are shallow dumbasses who are probably doomed to extinction... which i wouldn't mind so much, if they weren't taking the rest of us with them.

truly, we collectively have failed our children.


Rich said...

Exactly....right on the mark!

Anonymous said...

That still won't work. they are also cynical of anything blue and are obsessed with candy canes since those party colors reminds them of all the Christmas spending they get from past liberal governments.

We didn't even fight the nazi's in WWII with the flag we have now but they love it so damn much and will spit on any version prior to it.
That seems to be par for the course when ever anything good is done for them fiscally, only to reward the big spenders as if deficits made it all possible to begin with... like they are credit cards with no thought of what was required to attain them or how to pay them off responsibly.

I do know that some liberals make austerity painful and delay to the last minute.