03 October 2012

You feelin' safer yet?

'Cos you're sure as shit payin' for it...

It started small in late 2004 when former mayor David Miller was pretty much embarrassed into dealing with the rash of guns and gang violence in the city.

Back then, the city’s Community Safety Plan had a mere 10 staff and less than $600,000 in operating funds attached to it to deal with seven priority neighbourhoods

Nevertheless, it took no time to ascertain that with the Millerites running the show, their plan would be short on tough love and long on feel-good programs.

That quickly became obvious when one of the first public acts of the Community Safety Secretariat was to hold a community safety conference featuring an Australian faith healer chanting a song to remove “barriers” — while drumming loudly to accompany herself.
Hey... it gets better.
There is no longer a Community Safety Secretariat. That appears to have been folded into an entire Community Resources section (of the Social Development, Finance and Administration dept.) with 42 staff and a $6.2 million budget this year.
I got nuthin'.


max said...

For shame! For 6.2 million annually mafia extortion fees could keep the peace better than a Community Safety Secretariat (could they possibly have made it more communist sounding?) And at least the mob doesn't call their protection rackets bullshit like Community Resources Sections. But it's basically the same end result. Try not paying any of these assholes and see what happens...

Neo Conservative said...

just try think of one social engineering extravaganza that hasn't quickly ramped up to absorb all the money society could possibly throw at it.

build it and they will come.