12 October 2012

Never a Bernie Farber around...

...when you need one...

"The Chiefs who were scared of the Jewish media lined up to condemn an old man who made a mistake but never once did I hear those same Chiefs condemn the Jewish writers who penned hate filled articles against our people. My question to the Chiefs who condemned Ahenakew is what did you get from the Aspers that you should be so kind to the National Post today. The same Chiefs will line up to condemn me on my trip to Iran."

"In an editorial years ago, they stated that I threatened Jewish police. There was never any threat to police much less Jewish police in any of my information."

"I am taking beaded trinkets to Tehran as little gifts to the children. We got trinkets of beads, the white man got our land. Who is the real fool for continuing to believe in the white man."
Hmmm... Terry Nelson, Terry Nelson... that sounds so familiar...
same old, same oldUh, Terry... you're cosying up to the Iranians AND making wild accusations about the dastardly "Joos?"

If things are actually so terrible here, Terry... maybe you should stay in Iran. It sounds like you'd be right at home.