23 October 2012

Here's an interesting juxtaposition...

...Prime Minister Harper speaks up for Jamaican-Canadian community...

“It has come to my attention that since July, many in this community, Toronto’s Jamaican-Canadian community, feel that they live in the shadow of criminality arising out of incidents like the Danzig Street and Eaton Centre shootings,” Mr. Harper told a packed hall at the Jamaican-Canadian Association, in a multicultural suburban neighbourhood in north Toronto.

“Canadians understand that the only community placed under a shadow by perpetrators of these crimes is the community of criminals.”
CBC not so much...
Police in Toronto and Jamaica say gang-related homicides have significantly declined in the 20 months since the arrests of key leaders of the Shower Posse, a violent criminal organization involved in drug and arms trafficking that operates in several countries.

Jamaican officials say a drastic 32 per cent decline in the Caribbean country's homicide rate is largely thanks to a 2010 crackdown on the Shower Posse, considered to be one of the most dangerous gangs in the world.
Some vast rightwing conspiracy that Harper's got going here.