13 October 2012

No [fill in the blank] left behind

In Dalton's "Dare to Dream" Ontario, there is no goal so lofty, no ambition so ethereal, we cannot slavishly pander to it...

Ontario has become the first jurisdiction in Canada to allow transgendered people to change the gender on their birth certificates without sex-change surgery.

“It’s a huge decision. It’s a remarkably positive decision. This is an important victory,” Susan Gapka, chair of the Trans Lobby Group, told the Star on Thursday.

The new rules, published this week, mean a transgendered person can apply to ServiceOntario for a new birth certificate with only a letter from a physician or psychologist.

Previously, the Vital Statistics Act required proof of “transsexual surgery.”

Ontario was acting on a ruling in April from the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.
I can't wait for the Ontario Liberal's "free plastic surgery for anyone who thinks they're not pretty enough" initiative.

(via the ever-vigilant BCF)


"If you have exclusively physical parts of a male, then you are a male. If despite having exclusively physical male parts, you think you're a woman, then you have a mental disorder. There are those who think they are Napoleon, shall we change their birth certificates as well to reflect their emperor status?"
"I'm going to get this killer Face Lift, I'll look 10 years younger. Can I change my birth date?"
I'm not sure this should be such a shocker. Apparently you can already change your ethnicity...
Thursday's hearing will take place at his minimum-security prison, Kwikwexwelhp Healing Village, which puts aboriginal spirituality at the centre of its rehabilitation program. Munro is not aboriginal but has converted to native teachings.
Orwell was right.


Anonymous said...

things just keep getting dumber.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't feel my age... can i change my birth certificate to read 21 years old?