19 October 2012

Another poor, oppressed "holy warrior"...

...thwarted in his quest for justice...

A Bangladeshi student who allegedly planned to blow up the US Federal Reserve is the son of a prominent banker.

He was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly tried to remotely detonate a fake 1,000-pound car bomb outside the building in lower Manhattan.

His family, from a middle-class neighbourhood of Dhaka, wept as they called the arrest "a racist conspiracy" and referred to Nafis as their "pride and joy", the Mail said.
Wasn't the recent "underwear bomber" another poor little Muslim Richie Rich?


jwkozak91 said...

The inert 1,000-pound bomb would've also been an opportunity to test the "see something, say something" civilian defence protocol I think.

Unless the NYPD and FBI're keeping the number of "tips" they received secret.

Neo Conservative said...

only a matter of time before one of these holy warriors doesn't fuck up... and we get a big kaboom with a correspondingly big body count.

i like living out in the sticks.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm their "pride and Joy" is arrested because of "racists" ?
Yup they sure do "blow up early these days"