19 October 2012

Why I vote Conservative

Reason #114...

"For good or ill, Canada has now chosen to defect from the diplomatic travesty that has obliged ordinary Canadians to put up with Khomeinist thugs in their midst and to abstain from the diplomatic obsequies that require Canadian diplomats to smile when Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini’s appointments secretaries spit in their faces."

"Of course it’s not enough. It's merely an act of conscientious objection. But it will have to do for the moment, and in the meantime I reckon I’ll continue to 'disparage diplomacy' of the Heinbecker-Dewar kind, no matter how much it upsets Heinbecker or any of his creepy friends."
When will Peter Mansbridge, Craig Oliver and all the other Liberal cheerleaders ask Prince Justin where he stands on the distinctly undemocratic and oft-barbarous Middle East?

Why bother, though... when you can prattle on endlessly about "the legacy" and how "dreamy" he is?


Anonymous said...

Why does Harper want tondo business with the commie thugs in China?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon screeches 'tondo business with the commie thugs'"

tondo business? that's what... a new food craze?

is this a trick question? lemme see. why would anyone choose to do business with the world's largest consumer market?

you think on it, nonny... maybe it'll come to you?