15 October 2012

What's a murder or two...

...among friends...

Tensions between community members and the police, however, may make it more difficult for homicide investigators to do their job.

McLane said they are trying to do what they can to improve their relationships with the public.

"I think what we have to do is prove that we’re worthy of trust."
Yup... there you have it.

Two dead, 23 maimed and it's the fault of the police.

Thank you, CBC.


Anonymous said...

At the top of your linked CBC page, there are 4 faces at the top.

Three (3) are "visible-minorities" and only one White woman... and NO White men!

With a population of 84% White majority, we seem to be the invisible majority.

Anonymous said...

The police officer made that silly comment, the CBC just reported it.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... police officer made that silly comment"

and i quote...

"Tensions between community members and the police"

where's the merest mention of the "community" retaliating against anyone who has the merest interaction with the police? oh yeah... that must be part of the tensions.

the cbc is one of the most suckass politically correct media organs in the world... which i wouldn't give a shit about if it didn't suck back a billion taxpayer dollars yearly.