05 October 2012

Unlike the rest of us, who are...

... apparently just fine with... and I'm quoting verbatim here... "a legacy of oppression, imperialism and racism."orwell was rightNow... I'm no fan of the monarchy... but would I give up my Canadian citizenship to stick a thumb in Prince Charles' eye?

I think not.

"A man who refused to take the oath of citizenship, because of his opposition to the monarchy, has died with his decades-long dream of becoming a Canadian unfulfilled."
So who exactly was thwarting this "decades-long dream?"

Unlike the CBC, I'm simply not willing to blame this on Stephen Harper. This one is squarely on the unfortunately named Mr. Roach... who immigrated to this country over five decades ago and despite his alleged "dream" resolutely managed to avoid becoming a citizen.

As for the NDP's call to repair this alleged tragedy, posthumously... I would refer to the law of the land.
"There is no provision under the Citizenship Act for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to grant citizenship posthumously," an Immigration Canada departmental spokesman wrote in an email Wednesday.
Heck, let's not let that stop anyone. After all, the NDP has eagerly pushed the posthumous deification of a man found naked in a Chinatown brothel during a police sweep for underage protitutes.

Just another media-manufactured "rainbows & unicorn farts" fairy tale.


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...wait a minute...
Mr. Roach came to Canada in 1955 to study at the University of Saskatchewan. He has actually sworn allegiance to the monarchy twice before: first while training as a reservist in the 1950s, and again when he became a lawyer in 1963.


Dollops said...

Oh, those dreadful monarchies - holding most of the top ten positions in the list of the world's most desirable places wherein to live.

jwkozak91 said...

My initial reaction to this news a week ago: If he didn't like the monarchy of Canada the late Solicitor Roach had a dozen republics amongst former British African possessions and his own native "Trini" & Tobago to choose from.

Thanks for getting the backstory re. 1955 and 1963 Neo. I didn't hear those tidbits.