04 October 2012

Ask a Journo-Canadian

I remember when "news"papers weren't all about deifying the offspring of political hacks and mounting monumental "mellow yellow-like feats" of social engineering...
rainbows and unicorn fartsAnd remember... if poor little waif Omar touches off a rush hour nail bomb on the Yonge-Bloor subway... it's all on you Canada...

"When the community is accepting, the former child soldier fares well and is less likely to reoffend."

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Here's the profile that shows up when you type his name into Google:
Oh my gawd... obviously there's a typo here and little Opie... uh, Omar... was born in 2006...
a 20 year old picture... seriouslyExtra points to anyone who can tell me what Justin Trudeau has done with his life... besides marrying the E-Talk chick.


Frances said...

Wasn't Justin a drama teacher before going into politics? Don't know what his schooling was, though.

Murray the Hun said...

That picture of Omar the convicted war criminal is ridiculous. What's next? A prenatal ultrasound image?

Neo Conservative said...

frances asks... Wasn't Justin a drama teacher"

i believe he was actually a "substitute" teacher... why work when you can live off your late daddy's millions?