30 October 2012

Ask a Journo-Canadian

Alright... statistically anomalous "weather porn" fatality goes front page, above the fold...

A woman in her 50s has died after flying debris hit her on the head near Keele Street and St. Clair Avenue, according to Toronto EMS.
Three homicides in three days, including brutal beating death... not so much...
The unidentified woman’s body was so badly injured that the cause of death must be established by an autopsy, the source said.

The unnamed woman’s death follows two weekend gun homicides and raises the city’s homicide total for the year to 46.
Wake up and smell the manipulation, folks.


UPDATE: A weather story...

...or just plain negligence?
A warehouse worker near where a woman in her 50s was killed after being struck by a Staples sign in Monday night’s storm said he complained to the retailer about their sign.

A red Staples sign, measuring around 4.5 metres by 1.5 metres, lay on the ground on Tuesday, cordoned off with yellow police tape, hours after it allegedly struck a woman on a west-end street.

“It was like that for months and months,” said the employee of Family Communications Warehouse, who did not wish to be identified for fear of retribution.


Anonymous said...

All these severe 100 year and 1,000 year storms are a coincidence.

dmorris said...

I see your point,BUT if Stephen Harper had enacted the Kyoto Accord,this foul weather would have never happened!

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... if Stephen Harper had enacted the Kyoto Accord,this foul weather would have never happened"

that, of course, is the subtext of all the front page weather related disaster stories the canadian media is constantly trotting out... the other three murders this weekend in toronto the good are hardly worth mentioning.