22 October 2012

Why bother with all the fuss of...

...reporting actual "NEWS"... when you can allow the great unwashed to suckle on the unbearable misery of other people's grief?
are they shameless whores or uncaring media vultures ••• It's right there in front of you...

"Don’t I have any compassion?"

"Do you mean tossing cheap carnations onto the 'makeshift' memorial piled high with teddy bears and balloons, mourning a stranger you’ve never met, and getting (as the Sex Pistols sang) 'a cheap holiday on other people’s misery.'"

"Because that’s what passes for 'compassion' these days."
Or, as it's known around here, the shameless carrion-strewn "news-cycle." How much longer can the MSM milk this thing... a week... a month?

Go ahead, keep fooling yourself. If you're sitting there, mindlessly eating it all up... you ARE part of the problem.