24 October 2012

If only there wasn't that whole...

...murdering & wounding thing looming in the background...the fantasy world of defense lawyersNot dwelling on the bad stuff... I guess it's just part of the service...

I believe he has the tools and the potential to turn his life around,” said Husbands’ lawyer, Moshe Micha, who sought a six-month jail sentence.
Yeah... if only someone would just give this poor guy a chan...
Husbands was also supervising children at a City of Toronto-run facility from November 2011 to May 2012 while on a $4,000 house arrest bail for the sexual assault.
Okay... I give up.


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Ever wonder about philosophical differences between our three major political parties?
the fantasy world of defense lawyersIt's all right here......
Liberal MP John McKay says the rise in self-harming is partly the result of the government imposing mandatory minimums.

NDP MP Randall Garrison said the Conservatives' tough-on-crime agenda is compromising public safety.

Conservative MP Candice (formerly Hoeppner) Bergen said rehabilitation is a priority, but prisons "are not supposed to be nice places"
I know where my vote is going.


Anonymous said...

old white guys says.... just another wtf moment. what can one say about the level of stupid exercised in the courts.

Neo Conservative said...

nobody takes notice... nothing will ever get done.