08 October 2012

Grappling with "authenticity"...

...I mean gawd forbid anyone actually uses the words "fraud" or "hypocrite"...grappling with authenticity, janie?It was only the other night that CBC National's bucket-o-punditry... including Andrew Coyne & Chantal Hebert... actually said... out loud... that the Annointed One's continuing habit of making one set of remarks to the English language media and another reciprocal set to their confreres in Quebec would possibly be enough to sink the recently refloated Good Ship Lollipop.

It's not like this is news to regular folk who try to keep current with national politics, but I never thought I'd hear a single Journo-Canadian mention the sainted Trudeau name sans-genuflection. I swear, I thought I heard Peter Mansbridge's rectum slam shut.

I guess we're all more accustomed to puff pieces like the Globe's Hanoi Jane Taber... about how poor little 40 year-old Justin is grappling with (and from whence he will, no doubt, emerge triumphant over)... his "authenticity" issues...

"Under 'my watch',” he said, "you will not hear a Liberal … saying one thing in one corner of the country and another thing in another corner of the country."
Hey... it gets better...
"Mr. Harper," he said, "is 'proof' that you can get elected, even to a majority, through the 'strategy of division, micro-targeting of envy and mistrust.'"
It's simply amazing that Ms. Taber can buy into Justin taking one of his largest acknowledged flaws and attempting to dump it on the Prime Minister.

Does this sort of disingenuous claptrap actually work? Would Canadians actually elect a man whose resume peaks out at "substitute" teacher?

Look around, folks... we're a nation of sheeple who embrace Breathe-Rite nasal strips and the medical wisdom of the McGyver-like Dr. Ho.

Pay attention people. Remember what happened the last time the Liberals held a coronation.


Anonymous said...

yeah he's pathetic, but so are all the leaders of all the parties in this country, and most other places.

max said...

Damn, I was gonna try those nasal strips (occasional snoring complaints), but you're shaming me away from it! And you're dissin Dr. Ho? Say it aint so!