27 March 2008

Just something to ponder...

The next time the screechy, hysterical lunatic left attempts to manipulate your emotions...

"An estimated 2,300 Canadians died in 2006 after contracting antibiotic resistant Staph bacteria, costing the national heath-care system between $200 million and $250,000 million that year, new figures suggest."
As devastating as they undoubtedly are to friends and family of our military casualties... combat deaths in Afghanistan... have so far averaged out to 10 or 12 soldiers per year.

Guess what... it's "a war." People get killed. That's why it's not called "Circle of Friends."

The fact is, if Steffi and Taliban Jack were truly concerned about saving Canadian lives... and not just making political hay out of our brave soldier's deaths... perhaps they'd devote a little time to stuff that is actually taking a far (in this case, just shy of 200 times) higher toll right here in Canada.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Meet my new friend 'MIKMOUSE'
"I would like to see your humanity adressed(sic) to 35,000 preventable deaths each day, you sanctimonious, bombastic(fool) fuck."


Anonymous said...

Notice Mcguinty is getting a free ride from the MSM re: his budget.
Any thing to resolve the bed shortage?
Not hard to see the connection between the taechers fund and Globemedia.
He brings a whole new meaning to the term "Teachers Pet"


Neo Conservative said...

dalton mcslippery... please don't get me started.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if this has anything to do with anything:


Female Muslim medics 'disobey hygiene rules'


Muslim medical students are refusing to obey hygiene rules brought in to stop the spread of deadly superbugs, because they say it is against their religion.

Kit said...

Now that is just arse.
Punt them from the medical program. There is a waiting list, and its huge. I am sure that some of those on the list would gladly follow sensible and practical hygiene procedures to get a chance...

Ontario got what it voted for.
And as if there was any doubt of McGuinty being owned by the Teachers Union?

I was born in Upper Canada, and say what you like about the Maritimes, at least we are consistent and don't elect socialist weakling spendthrift scumbags to come through and (totally) ruin our economy every ten years...(we just vote Liberal and they slowly piss it away...)

And yes, the statistics do tell a tale. Its even better when you take the proper Military demographic of young adults between 19 and 40 years of age and compare it to the same civilian demographic ( rather than the entire civilian population) Then you see the Military is way below all National averages for everything from road traffic accidents (for hours driven), drug use, smoking, drinking, spousal abuse, family violence, personal debt and several other statistics that the socialistas love to use to beat up on service people. The only thing the military are higher in is post traumatic stress... go figure.( and I'm told thats because we come home and have to listen to the socialists take the crap out of us.)

Anonymous said...

Right you are, kit.
Statistically, they are safer in Afghanistan than they are in Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

once again, infamous dumbstick canadian cynic, my most prolific linker, offers up his self-described snark...

"Drop me a note offline, Lee ... I'll set you up with the address of the nearest recruiting centre. No, no, don't thank me ... anything to rid Canada of another useless fuckwit, that's what I always say."

hey, cc... don't be so modest... isn't this actually... "what you always say"?

c'mon... tell us again how you support our brave soldiers and their families.



mikmik said...

So, I will spek very slowly and I suggest you print this so you can show it to people that understand reason.
MSRA has big dollars spent to combat this infection and Canada is far ahead of the US in efficacy.

The war in Afghanistan is NOT measued by such an insipid marker as Canadian soldier deaths.

Is that how tiny your view is? It is a scorecard of dead Canadin soldiers - ONLY????

How about civilain casualties, how about the Taliban gaining strength and coming back to influence, the clusterfrick and chaos.

That is one thing. Your false comparison is illogical - red herring shaet and doesn't make sense. The money spent on MSRA is done and gets results, and it is being very properly addresed. It is a moot point.

The lives of Canadian patients and Afghanistan soldiers are not at all remotely comparable you insipid gentleman. It is comparing two unrelated issues and the same principle do not apply to each.

One is being addressed and dealt with better than the U.S., for an example, and is unavoidable. The other is uneccessary and creates death and chaos BY CHOICE.

Do you get it now? When the choice is available ( Afghanistan) vs. a stuation that presents regardless - and is dealt with by neccessity and competently, the princilpe is completely unrelated.

I would like to see your humanity adressed to 35,000 preventable deaths each day, you sanctimonious, bombastic(fool) fuck.

Where are your priorities, where is you reasoning skill.

Neo-conservative, lets get down to basics and talk about humanity and choices.

mikmik said...

PS Guess what: It's biology.

"Guess what, it's a war"

No kidding. So what. Is the war justified. Red herring all the way, simplton.

(I make my point rationally as well as call names. You want to call me, or any other, names I am absolutely fine with that BUT START WITH REASON AND LOGIG an screw the faulty crap and ad hominem shaet.

Neo Conservative said...

"mikmik said... So, I will spek(sic) very slowly..."

that's awfully considerate, my friend... but maybe you should be less concerned with how slowly you "spek"... and a little more worried about how slowly you apparently "thenk".

mik, you say... "is NOT measued(sic) by such an insipid marker as Canadian soldier deaths."

well, perhaps you don't read newspapers, or own a tv... but that is precisely how the war is being measured... by steffi, taliban jack and the mainstream media. it is the only way this conflict is ever measured by the lunatic left.

mik continues to rage... "I would like to see your humanity adressed(sic) to 35,000 preventable deaths each day, you sanctimonious, bombastic(fool)fuck."

hey, mikmouse... who exactly are these 76,650,000 preventable deaths that have occurred over the last six years?

it can't be afghanistan... i think their population was hovering around 31 million a couple of years ago.

you seem to have a thing, (but unfortunately not much aptitude) for numbers... so let me throw one your way...

"Improvements in medical care since the Taliban fell five years ago have led to a marked decrease in Afghanistan's infant mortality rates - 40,000 fewer infant deaths a year."

so... i'm so sorry that you think i'm a "simplton"(sic), bereft of "REASON AND LOGIG(sic)... but maybe after you grab an esl class... or three... we'll be able to have a reasonable discussion.

no "shaet", buddy... come on back.

meanwhile, thanks very much for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I think mikmik dipdip'd his wikwik in some liqliq...yikes.