13 February 2008

Something you'll never hear...

While Premier McSlippery and the fuzzy-bunny Fiberals are calling the shots...

-- TORONTO -- The Liberal government needs to restore respect for the rule of law in Caledonia, Ontario's Opposition Leader said Wednesday as the southern Ontario town prepares to mark the two-year anniversary of a bitter and divisive aboriginal occupation.

John Tory cited the growth of the illegal cigarette industry, the struggles of developers on the Grand River and the spread of native blockades across Ontario as proof that lawlessness has become rampant throughout the First Nations community at large.
Of course it's only fair to get a rebuttal from the Slippery One himself...
A new standalone Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and a new agreement on gaming revenues ratified last week are all part of a Liberal plan to “gain more and more moral authority” with the First Nations community, Mr. McGuinty said.

By “depositing on an ongoing basis a lot of political capital in the bank,” the government will develop the clout it needs to say “we don't do business like that in Ontario” when aboriginal communities seek to make gains through controversial means, he said.
So there you have it... peace through "moral authority" and "political capital".

Courtesy of Dalton "Bend over and grab your ankles" McGuinty.