20 February 2008

Feed your head

And if you go chasing rabbits...
And you know you're going to fall...
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar...

Has given you the call

-- OTTAWA -- CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said that Liberal Leader Stephane Dion was pushing for an election Tuesday, and was considering voting down the federal budget in March.

"He happens to believe that if Canadians see him in an election campaign, they'll like him and elect him as prime minister," said Fife.

"Of course, Liberal MPs have a different view of that. They believe that the party will get slaughtered in an election campaign, so they're telling him to please hold off and wait until it looks advantageous for the Liberal party to actually win."


hunter said...

Even my Liberal Mother likes PM Harper, and thinks Dion is a wimp.

cascadian said...

Go Steffi, Go!

Gotta love those numbers, even the dippers are in trouble polling the same as Lizzy May.

Of course the people may be just a little ambiguous when the pollsters call. But still.

Neo Conservative said...

let's face it... dion gets a lot of the credit for these numbers.

he's changed his political mind more times than an afghan warlord... and we're reaping the bennies.