22 February 2008

You really wanna know...

Why aboriginal negotiations are... 'always in the shitter'... so to speak?

On Jan. 30, two plainclothes officers with the OPP's Major Event Liaison Team arrived at the Thurlow Aggregates quarry on Deseronto Road and asked to speak with protest organizers.

They were told to return to the site after dark - around 8 p.m. - for a meeting with "elders", according to police.

Speaking to The Intelligencer shortly after the incident, Sgt. Kristine Rae, spokeswoman for Eastern Region OPP headquarters, said when the officers approached they were "confronted by some of the people in attendance and assaulted."
Must be some kind of "root causes" thing, huh?

There was the same sort of anarchy down in Caledonia. Try as he might, even native apologist cum negotiator David Peterson couldn't really paint the process in a flattering light.
“There's a constant dynamic inside the place; it's like a swirling cauldron,” said David Peterson, the former Ontario premier who negotiated the removal of the blockade of two main roads in Caledonia.

“Nobody answers to anybody. They all answer to each other."
Yeah... that's gonna work.


LAST WORD: A bottomless pit of malfeasance
"Why does the phrase, 'Fuck up a two car funeral'... keep coming to mind?"


Anonymous said...

My ancestor who came to New France in the 1690s called 'em savages... seems not much has changed in the intervening three centuries. Racist comment? Perhaps. I just wonder why aboriginals get away with stuff that would get a white man put in jail lickety-split. Perhaps if the aboriginals hitched themselves up by the bootstraps and stopped living off welfare, they'd be too busy being successful instead of angry and "dispossessed"

Neo Conservative said...

once again anon, this isn't about race... it's about culture... more specifically a culture of dependancy.

to think otherwise is just plain stupid.


Anonymous said...

"No Charges Yet in Police Assault"

What are they waiting for ...approval from Mcguinty?