28 February 2008

Walk softly and carry...


Every Liberal in the chamber will be voting against the budget,” Mr. Dion told his caucus Wednesday.
Of course... there's just one small caveat.



Crazymamma said...

Oh man, I dare them to try it. Maybe a couple of Conservatives could step out to go to the bathroom at a strategic moment. Then we when find out if the Liberals can count or not.

Anonymous said...

Dion has the political skills of a nat. Standing up in the House yesterday in all his bluster saying what a bad budget it was left the door open for Harper to step in, which he did.
Given the fact Dion showed up for the budget with his wife and left with his wife hand in hand shows he has no friends in the Liberal party. A true sign of seige and weakness.

Neo Conservative said...

"Crazymamma said... Oh man, I dare them to try it."

no, no... you gotta read the article.

steffi is only gonna let a few token liberals show up for the vote.

everybody else has been instructed to stay in their rat-holes that day.

that's the caveat.