28 February 2008

Looks like every one...

Of Dalton McSlippery's cabinet ministers... is wearing those adult diapers.

-- TORONTO -- Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant is marking the second-year anniversary of the Six Nations occupation in Caledonia with a series of messages on YouTube.

In the amateur video messages, shot in various locations around the southwestern Ontario town, Mr. Bryant pleads for patience and understanding.
Hey, Mikey... how about a little less show-business... and a little more action?



Anonymous said...

What a cheesy vid!!
Mikey...don't give up your day job!...you'll never make it in media.
Speaking of day jobs Mikey...just what do you do?

Anonymous said...

Could we possibly have a more pathetic 'government' in Ontario?! What a bunch of losers. So few of the idiots who voted for these morons will admit to it - unsurprising.