24 February 2008

Well, because...

The little man who lives in his pocket... says we have to.

-- TEHRAN, Iran -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on the United States and its allies Saturday to “apologize” for accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, a day after the UN nuclear watchdog released its latest report on Iran.

Mr. Ahmadinejad said the International Atomic Energy Agency report vindicated Iran, and he warned that Tehran would take unspecified “decisive reciprocal measures” against any country that imposed additional sanctions against Iran.
There's only one problem with the Madman's statement about the IAEA.

It's simply not true.

Now I know Islam says it's okay to lie to the infidels, but puh-leese... we're entering Magic Kingdom territory here.
The 11-page IAEA report obtained by The Associated Press said Iran “has not suspended its enrichment-related activities.”

Instead, said the report, Iran “started the development of new-generation centrifuges” – an expansion of enrichment – and continued working on heavy-water nuclear facilities. When finished, Iran could cull them for plutonium, a possible fissile payload in nuclear warheads.
Iran should just come out and say, "Screw you, we want the bomb... and if you mess with us, you'll have 6 dollar no-lead by next Tuesday."

Have a little backbone, Mahmoud you big brute... let's see what you've got.


And yes... once again... I am linked by witty and wise Canadian Cynic.

The puerile, profane toddler who brought us such gems as...
It just saddens me that CC isn't getting the recognition he so richly deserves.


Charles Johnson does not sit down and write five essays a day on why he thinks Radical Islam is a deranged and poisonous and growing Death Cult.

Charles simply links to newspaper articles, usually from Arab and Islamist sources like Arab News and Reuters, that show without question that Radical Islam is calling, daily and nightly, for the destruction of the West, the murder, enslavement or conversion of its citizens, and the establishment of a world-wide Caliphate where Shariah -– Islamic Law -– is the only law.

This is not his opinion. This is not the opinion of Western editorial writers.

This is a filter (and of course it’s a filter -– that’s why it is useful) that looks at Islamist thinking and behavior daily and shows what Islamists are saying and doing in their own words.
(via sda)


Red Tory said...

What a gutless scumbag you are.

Neo Conservative said...

"Pink Tory cries... What a gutless scumbag you are."

and you're just a big meanie, pink... so i'm calling the human rights commission on you.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Cyntie's Cesspool is sending in the big dog Ol'Red.

He'll show those pups m@, crabgrass
and the filcher how it's done. I hope they have pencil and paper at hand.

Personally I was hoping cyntie would send LuLu or Shaved Ape or gosh...maybe, just maybe cyntie himself would "Come On Down, You're The Next Contestant On Neo, The Big Meanie Neocon."

Freak me neo...with these knuckleheads crawling around your site this is better than a nite at a comedy club and a helluva of a lot cheaper...heh heh...

Anonymous said...

hilarious commentary from red 'tory'! he's a complete idiot.