21 February 2008

Thank goodness for wood heat

Of course... not everybody has that option...

Since 2003, the average gas bill for British Gas customers has risen by 76.7% to £653, according to consumer group Energywatch.

Electricity bills have risen by 74.3%, to £413.
Here at the Halls... we heat almost exclusively with wood. There's a 20 acre patch of mixed bush out back, that hopefully, will take care of our needs... well into the future.

I suppose people in most places don't have that option.

I find not being locked into Consumers Gas, or even the municipal water system for that matter, well... comforting. On the rare occasions we venture into the city, it's difficult to say whether we're more appalled by the brown haze over the city... or the chlorine in the drinking water.

I suppose the point I'm making is that "every refuge has it's price."

And even though living out here in the sticks can be a bit of a grind... gathering the years firewood, for example... it's a price worth paying.

Nothing too terribly profound... I'm just sayin'.



Crazymamma said...

Don't be so smug about your well water. Dalton is looking to put a meter on that by argueing that water is below ground thus it is part of the public domain.

Neo Conservative said...

"crazymamma says... Dalton is looking to put a meter on that"

just observing the way mcslippery's fudged the energy, aboriginal and infrstructure files... i'm not too worried about my little well.

on the other hand, unless we dump this doofus... the province as a whole is truly gonna get dinked.


Anonymous said...

and not that I'm getting paranoid or anything but...I have heard discussions on banning the good old woodstove...something about the smoke being a problem...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... banning the good old woodstove"

well, the fiberals better hope it works better than their pie-in-the-sky plan to make all the farmers turn in their varmint rifles.


People Power Granny said...

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