27 February 2008

Hey, Georgie... what's next...

An in-depth investigation of internet porn?

-- TORONTO -- Health Minister George Smitherman says he's “seriously considering” wearing an adult diaper to see if it's adequate for Ontario seniors.

He was responding to complaints that Ontario seniors are wearing soiled diapers for hours on end because nursing homes in the province aren't meeting proper standards of care.
Maybe he could look into safe-injection sites while he's at it.

Remember George... only take as much as you need... not as much as you want.


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"Dalton McGuinty is complicit in torturing your granny..."

LAST WORD: I just don't get it...
Is this one of those "priorities" the Fiberals just can't figure out?


Crazymamma said...

I gotta ask: Who cares how absorbent the adult diapers are? For an a person to be left in a soiled diaper is a humiliation that we can do something about. Get more nurses/aids on staff. Our aged deserve better,they have been paying taxes all their lives for goodness sakes. Find another cost cutting measure or maybe they could crank open that surplus.

Neo Conservative said...

"crazymamma says... a person left in a soiled diaper is a humiliation that we can do something about..."

you'd think so, wouldn't you?

see update to original post.


jckirlan said...

There is a joke in here about Smitherman's sexual bent and the use of adult diapers but I am only going to infer it.

Anonymous said...

jck...I guess you and I have the same wild imagination.Wonder what his partner thinks?

On a more serious note: IMHO the money spent at the top(Admin in hospitals) could be better spent on health care aides for nursing homes.
Speaking from experience

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

For an a person to be left in a soiled diaper is a humiliation that we can do something about. Get more nurses/aids on staff.

When my mom was in hospital dying the staff have this attitude they would rather you crap the bed and let someone on the next shift change it then help you walk to the bathroom as there is so much gossip to catch up on.

So my mom buzzes for help, no one comes

she buzzes again, again no one comes.

She picks up the telephone calls information,
gets them to forward her call to the hospital,
then to her nurses station and,...

Viola there was someone there all along!! They just couldn't be bothered with patients buzzing phone calls are more important.

They don't need more staff.

In Manitoba the real pro9blem is everyone only wants to work part time so as soon as they go over their shift time they get overtime so its a scam we are paying MORE than a full time salary for people earning 20-30 hrs.

So we could bump the staff to full time and get more coverage and spend less but thats not something the system cares to ponder.

If they are going to spend more $$$ my view is on compassionate leave family members do care.

It certainly knows where you stand with them though.

What ever you do, don't get sick and go to hospital.

Go find a pack of wild dogs to end it all quick.

PS one of my moms nurses at 7 oaks hospital wasn't a nurse at all. Love those faked foreign qualifications. We need more.

frank said...

Perhaps Smitherman can borrow one of cynties diapers.

Neo Conservative said...

i remember how excited smitherman was about announcing new hiv/aids initiatives.

funny how seniors just get the butt end (pun intended) of a fiberal publicity stunt.