24 February 2008


Anybody catch the world's first global internet fatwa?

-- PAKISTAN -- Pakistan's attempts to block access to YouTube has been blamed for an almost global blackout of the video website for more than an hour on Sunday.

Pakistan ordered internet service providers to block the site because of content deemed offensive to Islam.

The BBC News website's technology editor, Darren Waters, says that to block Pakistan's citizens from accessing YouTube it is believed Pakistan Telecom "hijacked" the web server address of the popular video site.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything that isn't offensive to the Islamic cult?

Muslims act like a bunch of pathetic babies when it comes to legitimate criticism of their stupid 'religion'. They should all kill themselves now and go see their flying pig 'Allah' right now.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, lucy... try harder.


jckirlan said...

AHAHHAH hey Warman you've been outed. That should be familiar to you.